Gorsedh Ynys Witrin Bardic Trails.


Gorsedh Ynys Witrin Bardic Trails.
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
13th May 2014 at 7.30pm
The theme for the 2014 contest is The Waters of Avalon.
The initial round of the contest to find a Bard to represent Glastonbury for the forthcoming year. Finalists will be chosen to go through to the Finals on 19th May.

1. This contest is open to all who live within a day’s walking distance from Glastonbury. (see Guidelines below)
2. The winner will be the holder of the Bardic Chair of Ynys Witrin for the following year, a title which will revoked after a year and day.
3. The entry may be of any form, but the judges will consider relevance to the theme, adherence to the time limit and performance from memory as important in making their decision.
4. The judges have the right to refrain from selecting a Chaired Bard if they feel none of the candidates are of sufficient quality or ability to fulfil the role. In this case the outgoing Chaired Bard will remain in office for another year and a day.
5. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
6. The attention of the chosen and Chaired Bard will be drawn by the Council to ‘The role and responsibilities of the Chaired Bard of Ynys Witrin’ 
7. Previous winners of the Bardic Chair of Ynys Witrin may re-enter after 3 years.
8. The holder of the Chair is expected either to undertake to maintain the condition of the Chair, Ceremonial Robes, Silver Branch and Book, or to request the Secretary to make appropriate arrangements for their curation. The official artefacts must be returned to the Bardic Council at the next Annual Open Gorsedh.
9. The Gorsedh retain the right to change these rules as necessary by committee meeting.

Guidelines: The catchment area is defined as the distance that the Bard can reasonably be expected to walk into Glastonbury, perform their duties and return home again within the daylight hours. This is reckoned to be somewhere around 12 miles radius from the Tor. Contenders are expected to have been resident in the area for at least a year and a day.

http://ynyswitrin.org.uk/rules/ for more information and entry form herehttp://ynyswitrin.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/bardic_entry_form_2014.pdf


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bardic poseThis is the last day of National poetry writing month and soon it will be the end of my year as chaired bard of Glastonbury. Check http://ynyswitrin.org.uk/ for details of the next bardic competition. Some folk want me to contend again, I want to give another voice a chance x So here is a farewell poem.

Give me another voice!
I want another poets words to
Grace the page. Let us expose
A new bardic inspiration.
Another face to take the stage.
That’s enough of my noise.

Give me a new rhythm!
Tales tripping on another
tongue to twist myth and
rhyme. A new muse; Awen
shine through someone new.
Let me hear that wisdom

I still have many tales to tell,
I will always be a bard,
and after this initiation,
of a year and a day,
Hark when this elder bard says.
‘Give me a fond farewell.’

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This Town is an Island of Glass – Day 29 of 30

Only one more day to go. Today’s prompt got us working hard – http://www.napowrimo.net/2014/04/day-29/ We had to use twenty little projects in one poem. It made for a quirky and interesting dialogue.

This town is an Island of Glass. The angle of
incidence equals the angle of reflection with an
echo of frankincense legends. The taste of our
heritage, no more than claret wine spilt on the
altar. A stain that even Joseph, with his Aramaic
descent would not permit. He would shatter the
illusion; reveal the truth. This town is an island
of chaos. The ubiquitous temple of pandemonium.
It’s not even an island. Nor plim ti gripes and bens.
Yet the waters rise only to startle our eyes with
weeping for a memory long gone. Tales of Dee,
an apple-squire and a plum cheeked wench.
And if ‘those feet’ walk over water to this
mountain green, would theyrush to the market
place? Fill bags with prayer flags, crystals,
sheepskins and slippers? Not even Medusa
can transmute profit’s bane. Turning stone to
silver until the dragons rise up in dissent to
reinstate sovereignty. A soundless clarion
to build heaven on earth. At least to realise
it’s here. It is a wise man who stands in the
wildness of his conviction and gives no
master the key to his immortality. Nor
the gnosis to immanentize the eschaton.
A grail talks to those who are worthy.
Shattered fragments reveal a reflection
of sorts, a sword calls us to remembrance.

Lisa Goodwin – 28th May


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Britain Christian? One Believes and One Does Not. Napowrimo Day 28

Day 28 – Thank you to all those who have stuck with me – only two days to go. Today’s prompt is to write a poem using the words in a news article. This one caught my eye.

Cameron ignites a religious debate of British life,
He fears the era of regular worship is over.
Urging Christians to be “evangelical” about their faith;
He wants a Christian country; A nation of believers.

Britain is a “post-Christian” country,
The old Archbishop has boldly declared,
Britain no longer “a nation of faithful”
Decline in the Church, likely in years ahead.

In the sense of being saturated by this vision of the world.
Our cultural memory could be quite Christian.
But with a shrinkage of awareness and commitment.
Clegg wants disestablishment of the Church of England.

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Glastonbury Community Beltane Celebration


May 1st 2014

Join our Beltane Community Celebration in Glastonbury and help us welcome in the summer with vitality and joy.

At 10.30am; Market Cross.You are invited to bring flowers, ivy and blossom to decorate the town monument and to make Beltane crowns. Face paints will be available for you to dress up and join the green men and women of Avalon.

11am; Market Cross. Welcoming the May Queen and the King of Summer.

11.30am; Local musicians and performers.

1pm; All walk together to the White Spring for a blessing of the red and white waters of Avalon.

2pm; Gathering on Bushey Coombe top field for the Sacred Marriage, Maypole dancing and blessings from the Summer King and the May Queen.

All timing is approximate. Please take care of the sacred spaces and the land, and leave nothing behind when you leave.

Bright Beltane Blessings.

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Beltane Lust for Flesh – Napowrimo 27

Inspired by the ‘seven deadly sins’ prompt on the Napowrimo facebook page, I wanted more than seven lines to write about this one, so took them – because I can x

Lust for Flesh

Beltane is coming – I feel it in my skin,
The stirring in my body, that fire in my belly.
To dance with passion is no frivolous thing.
Where the pulsing pull of wildness sings,
Primal life-force coursing through young and old.
It sings in every cell, invigorates the very soul.

And there are those that would regulate this,
Priests who would put this body to the test,
Decide what is sacred and what is immoral.
And there are those who would quarrel;
It would be better if it were thinner;
More attractive if it were smoother.

What skin is fine skin and what skin is not?
Should we reject this skin we have got,
Transform it into permissible skin.
The kind of skin you’d be proud to be in.
We are blindly informed that the flesh is weak,
Does that mean you should cover up that fine physique?

Like May flowers, we bloom but a short time,
As brief and as sweet as the grape on the vine.
A blossoming body of colour and fragrance,
A warm impulse, a treasure trove of sensations.
Lusty flesh, it wreaks havoc on the mind,
And they say only god should be glorified.

What a world it would be if flesh was not thought evil,
What a world where we could celebrate our embodiment,
And worship the body as something holy, worthy of respect.
And we would bring offerings and sensations of happiness,
Of colour, of sound and taste. Bring pleasure and passion,
To this fleeting yet meaningful temple of temporal flesh.


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Original Sin

Man falls from grace embracing pride’s tower,
Building too high, a confusion of tongues,
Bow down your head, burdened by power,
Lucifer’s pride too burdonsome to carry alone,
Self important need – be king of everything,
In gluttony, wrath, sloth, avarice, envy, lust,
Hubris at the heart of every sin.

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