Magical Spring Cleaning

Spring is well on its way and we are getting ready for a fantastic year. I hope you have noticed the abundance of bright new growth everywhere. We have been treated to some wonderful magical and misty mornings here in Glastonbury and just this morning I noticed the blush of blossom on the apple trees – Wonderful.

I love the transformation that occurs at this time every year; it’s almost as if a switch is pulled as the sun moves into Aries at the vernal equinox. As we approach Beltane, the spirit of the season inspires us to spruce up the house, grab the broom and do some spring cleaning.

If you feel so inspired, you can use this time to create some extra magic in your environment. Spring symbolises new beginnings, growth and rebirth. This is the time to put new ideas into action, and spring cleaning can create powerful rituals, symbolism and magic.

Think of the things you wish to be rid of in the coming year. Visualise people, situations or concepts being swept out of your life as you clean. Throw open the windows to let the fresh air of spring breathe new life into the home.

Give the house a spiritual clean as well as a physical one. Bless your home with incense, use bells, singing bowls and chanting to clear energy. Be innovative with your cleaning. Create a magic circle or magical symbols with dust, before sweeping or polishing it away.

Clean the windows with powerful intent that your clarity and focus be empowered. Prepare your space with love and open it up to receive the increasing rays of the sun.

If you have trouble with stagnant energy or there seems to be something that just isn’t shifting, Wizard Wellbeing can help.

Call us for a space clearing and we will assess the problems and use all the magical tools at our disposal to clear the energy. We will create supporting structures that will manifest your perfect intent for any particular space in your home.

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