Give Yourself a HUGG

Give yourself a H.U.G.G.

Everyone deserves a H.U.G.G. – a Huge Unbelievably Great Goal. Why don’t you take a moment to give yourself a H.U.G.G. Imagine you live in a world where you are completely supported. There are no limitations and you can learn and acheive anything you desire.

What would you do?

I want you to spend a few minutes writing down three things that you have always wanted to do, but haven’t managed to so far, or have dismissed as impossible. Don’t think about this for too long. Start writing and see what you come up with.

Make it huge, make it unbelievably great.

Think about how acheiving your goals will transform the way you see yourself. Think about how you will feel about yourself.

Tomorrow, take one small step towards one of your goals, just something small. Continue to take easily acheivable steps and know you are on your way. Keep what you have written, and check it later to see what progress you have made.

With H.U.G.Gs in mind you might like to read Commitment by Geothe

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