Setting Intentions – Jasper’s Story

The act of setting intentions can bring about a positive shift in your experience of living. It gives your mind a direction on which to focus and a way to measure your progress. Without intention, you are like a rudderless ship, hoping that the currents of life will bring you to fulfilling experiences. Set intentions and you begin manifesting the transformation you desire.

You might want to start giving yourself direction right now by listing your intentions. What is your intent for the next week, month, year? Write down any positive action you can take to realise your intention.This story was originally developed for children. It is such an effective teaching tool that it is also used for adults.

Jasper lives in a house near the woods. He has a favourite place where he meditates in those woods. One morning he wakes up with the desire to meditate there, and along with that desire he gets a picture in his mind of his special place.

(All thoughts have a mental picture attached to them. When you choose to act as a result of those pictures, you have set an intention.)

Jasper feels good when he imagines his picture, so he packs his things and heads for the woods.

(The strength of the feelings associated with the picture, the emotions that surround it, will determine the strength of your intentions.)

Just as he is about to enter the woods he encounters an enormous field of overgrown thistles. They tower over him; his path is blocked.

(When wanting to manifest an intention you may encounter obstacles or barriers.)

At first he is discouraged, “Maybe I’ll just go home and forget about it” Then the mental picture of his special place in the woods comes to mind and warm feelings flood his body and he gets inspired, “Maybe I could walk high above them on stilts. I could get a sickle and cut them down. I could buy a goat and let her eat the thistles.

(If Jasper were to allow his disappointment to overcome him at this point, he may have given up hope of reaching his special place. When your intentions or mental images have enough energy associated with them they will inspire you to find creative ways to overcome obstacles.)

Jasper then hurries home to get his wellies and a sickle. Using the sickle he clears himself a path. Jasper continues on his way. As he crosses a bridge he sees little silvery shapes moving in the blue, green shadows beneath him. Jasper used to love fishing and fond memories come to mind.

(This is where the picture that has more energy associated with it ends up being reality.If you were going to a job interview excited about the possibilities of more pay and greater opportunities you will have positive mental images of getting the job. But, if along with that you have a terror of interviews plus a lot of rejections in the past, you will be in Jaspers position. If your fear of being rejected is stronger than your excitement, you won’t get the job.)

As he stands there on the bridge he remembers the beautiful place in the woods and he leaves thoughts of fishing behind as he continues to his special place. Suddenly there is a fork in his path; one path leads to his little spot in the woods, the other to a distant mountain. Again he is tempted to do something different with his day.

(It would be OK for Jasper to change his mind at this point and head for the mountain instead. To do this he will have to let go of all desires for his special spot, otherwise it will be a constant distraction on the mountain.)

Again he experiences a flood of good feelings when he imagines his special place and realises that what he wants more than anything is to be under his tree meditating.

(When you have difficult choices to make, your body will usually advise you of the better choice by flooding your body with good feelings in connection with the appropriate picture.)

Jasper continues on his journey. It takes him just a short time before he is happily sitting in the special place that he had held in his mind.

(Any intention on which you continually focus energy will become a reality.)

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