Why Firewalk

Why would you want to stand barefoot before a path of glowing hot embers and choose to step forward? Why why would you take that risk for a few seemingly impossible steps?

At least one answer lies in the nature of fire itself. There are few beliefs more deeply ingrained in the human experience than the one that says that ‘fire burns’. Each of us in our own lives has proven it time and time again. Fire burns, beyond doubt. And yet…

And yet for thousands of years people have practiced walking and dancing barefoot on hot coals, and for the most part, without burning. If you can alter a universal law and render fire harmless- then what is that saying about reality and your role in its creation? What are your limitations, really? What other possibilities remain untapped, unrealised?

Another reason why people firewalk has to do with the nature of fear. In your training, you will learn to welcome feelings of fear and anxiety. It is in the awareness and acceptance of such feelings that our potential is so often brought into expression. When you learn to dance with the fire in the presence of fear, you learn to deal successfully with fear whenever it arises, so learning to transform fearful situations as opportunities for growth, and to transform fear itself into a powerful ally.
Our experiments, research and experiences with firewalking have led us to the fact that there are only two things required to successfully walk across the fire. Two things that all firewalkers throughout history have in common. First, you have to want to do it. This assumes a certain curiosity – which is what may have brought you to this page. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is. Do you want to walk on fire?

Second, you will need a firm belief in your body’s safety. It doesn’t matter how you get there, so long as when you step up to the fire, you know beyond a doubt that it is safe for you to walk across. Whatever has brought you to the firewalk, and whatever your intent; this is what a Wizard Firewalk seminar will give you.

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