Upcoming Firewalks

This month we have a fantastic firewalk at the New Holistic Camp in Flaxley, near Gloucester. This is a beautiful family camp near the Forest of Dean and the firewalk is magic hat so will cost what you can afford. The camp is really good value £70 for 10 days camping, day and weekend tickets are available. For more details and directions, contact Starcus.

In September we have a public firewalk and celebration, one of our participants will be celebrating her birthday and honouring the occasion with a powerful firewalking workshop. Contact us at wizardwellbeing@hotmail.co.uk to book onto any of our firewalks or to get more details.

In October, we are hosting a sponsored firewalk for the Martha Care Trust, you can sign up and register for £30 and any money raised in addition to this goes to the Martha Care Trust – Supporting families caring for very sick children. This is a fantastic cause and if you don’t want to firewalk, please support them by sponsoring one of the firewalkers – You can find details of how to sign up and get a sponsorship pack on their website.

You are welcome to join us, remember that the firewalk is optional, your decision when you get to the prepared bed of coals – no one can decide for you, or tell you to walk. The value is in the workshop and should you choose to empower that with a firewalk then you will have the loving support of the whole group.

13th – 24th – Flaxley New Holistic Camp
21st New Holistic Firewalk
4th Firewalk, Glastonbury
16th Martha Care Trust Sponsored Firewalk

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