The Day of the Wizards

Happy New Year!!
There has been so much news over the past season. I’ve been too caught up in experiencing it and making sense of the subtle energies to find the time to write. Now I have a chance to organise my thoughts, I’m preparing a hard copy of Wizard News for your delight and entertainment. Our quarterly newsletter goes to print just before Imbolc, and our brand new shiny website goes live too. Exciting times!

There are such big developments in the VortexHealing lineage occurring today that the other news I want to share with you will have to wait. In the words of my teacher, Ric Weinman, ‘Merlin is cranking it full blast. It’s like a revolution in VortexHealing.’

For those who do not already know; Merlin is the source of the VortexHealing lineage and Ric Weinman is the present day founder. More information at

First of all, the synchronicity of this happening today cannot be ignored. This is the day of the Epiphany, the 6th January when, it’s believed in the Christian tradition that the ‘Wise men’ arrived at the side of the Christ child, and brought three gifts. I am not a Christian, still as a Wizard, I love the vibration of this and so this is the day of the year that I recognise as the ‘Day of the Wizards’.

It is rather fitting that today be chosen for a ‘revolution in VortexHealing.’ I thought it had been deliberately chosen for this very reason. I contacted Rik about the timing, and he told me he had no idea that this was an important day for any tradition. Merlin knows what he is doing, and this transmission is occurring at precisely the perfect moment.

Typically, Merlin creates a new transmission and the VortexHealing teachers experiment with it to see what it can and can’t do. When understanding is reached, the transmission is passed on to students who, in their turn, inform the process and development of the new healing tools with their own experience and feedback. There are quite often updates to VortexHealing; it is constantly evolving.

So, now to explain some of the background…I will do my best. A typical session of VortexHealing would include a round of something we call ‘Mauma; The Heart of Oneness (unfolding within the web of being)’ This takes approximately 7 minutes of a full session and involves channelling 7 divine beings, each one manifesting a particular focus of awareness and Divine Healing quality.

The Vortex Wheel (a structure sitting in the area of the chest of each VortexHealer) is used to bring in Mauma, and also to bring in other expressions of Divine Healing; Vortex Energy, of course, and something we call ‘Running Divine lines’. Merlin updated this on Christmas day to have the wheel bring in Merlin’s Healing Essence. This is similar to Mauma in that it brings in Divine Healing, yet it is much more potent. It is used instead of Mauma as it is simpler and more powerful – however, we can still intend to channel Mauma separately if we wish. I am glad of this – I rather like it.

After today’s transmission, Vortex Energy, Merlin’s Healing Essence and Running Divine Lines,  can all be combined so that they can be automatically channeled together when we simply channel Vortex. This creates a new healing vibration that works directly in consciousness at the same time as working fully through the energy system.

Rik tells us that, rather than taking three things and making them one…what Merlin is actually doing is returning to the original One transmission that was broken down into three parts. This means that what comes through is 40% more powerful than channelling each one separately and more of Merlin’s Divine intelligence can be bridged into the energy system! Specific Vortex Energies can still be used, and will also become more potent.

So that’s it…. a very timely, pertinent to what has been going on in my personal life, and fantastic gift from Merlin.

I practice VortexHealing because it works. I would urge anyone who wishes to learn more about this Divine Healing Art to check out the website. If it resonates with you, I would encourage you to take the training; it is the most effective healing tool that I have experienced, and has completely changed my life.

Why not treat yourself and come and visit our wonderful new Wizard HQ for some powerful transformative healing. Max and I will be offering VortexHealing sessions at a reduced rate for the next few weeks. If you book a session within the next 14 days it will only cost you £25 for a full session. Or – even better, if you book a series of four sessions at the full price of £30 per session, we will provide the last session free of charge costing only £90 instead of £120.

To take advantage of this special offer, send an email to wizardwellbeing(at)

Much Love to all you wonderful Wizards, don’t forget to acknowledge your own wisdom today…”tis a powerful thing in deed!

Bright Blessings


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