Create Your Own Circle of Power

I want you to feel the best you have ever felt. Right now, take yourself to a place and time in your imagination where you felt the best you have ever felt, in this lifetime or any other. Future or past, generate that picture in your imagination, take as long as it will to generate a strong image and feeling of that time.

Feel it in your body, really feel the feelings you felt then. Adjust your physical body so that you are sitting or standing in exactly the same way you were then. Breath, and with each breath allow the good feelings to increase. Empower the experience that you are remembering.

Hold the picture in your mind, and give it colour, bright and vibrant. See clearly what you saw when you felt the best you ever felt. Smell what you smelt then, feel all of the sensations, taste the sweetness of the whole experience and make it as real and as powerful as you possibly can.

Then DOUBLE IT! Double that great feeling, intensify the goodness of the whole scene and breathe it all in. Experience it all as deeply as you will.

Now, whilst holding the image and feeling more than the best you have ever felt, I want you to take the thumb and forefinger of one hand and place it around the other wrist.

You are creating a circle of power, a bracelet that anchors this experience into your body. Allow all your good feelings to be held in the bracelet and intend it to act as a positive trigger to access good feelings when you need to.

Now you have a powerful anchor that will trigger endorphins and good feelings. You can use it whenever you need to, simply tap or hold your bracelet and allow it to generate those good feelings. You can empower your bracelet by adding any positive memories and experiences, all the times that you feel great, remember to put it in your bracelet.

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