Nature thrusts forward

Nature thrusts forward

‘Sap is rising,’ say experts. Bright green buds have been seen on the trees, new shoots have emerged, thrusting powerfully from the ground. Reports are coming in from all across the land. Witnesses are reporting signs of spring emerging.

The maiden Goddess Bridie has been seen walking the land, and where she passes it comes alive, nature seems to rejoice, new seeds sprout and snowdrops appear.

‘It’s amazing,’ says Martha from NorthWooton. ‘The woodland is awash with new life! I saw a lady, wearing white and carrying a lantern, she strolled through the woods, and right into my garden! I wondered why she was there, but stayed quiet, for as she passed the garden seemed to sing with joy. I have never seen anything like it.’ Other places have reported angels literally pushing up the new shoots, it is said that their careful crafting will result in nodding snowdrops, flowering crocuses and green hellibore. The emergence of catkins on the hazel trees have merely added to the rumours that nature is indeed on the rampage.

This trend is set to continue as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer. Our experts have examined the evidence and have found that the new buds will soon flower. Heralding abundance throughout this fair isle. Prepare yourself for a wonderful shift as we move through this powerful transition. Explore your garden and see the signs for yourself. Rejoice, for this is the herald of the spring.

Where is renewal arising in your life? What new projects will you be seeding this season? Please do drop us a line, we would love to know how you are using the natural tides of nature to support your own process.


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