Astrolunacy, Bridging the Divide Between the Masculine and Feminine.

Bridging the Divide Between the Masculine and Feminine.

The year started with a once in a 26,000 year event. The two eclipses over solstice and New Year aligned with the galactic centre and awakened a high magic; the possibility of releasing life times of stuck energy patterning into the massive vortex/black hole at the centre of our galaxy. The story continues this Imbolc.

The New Moon point (when sun and moon conjunct) at 1am on 3rd of February in Aquarius is a seeding point for our collective visioning of the year ahead. Venus, planet of attraction, joy and pleasure, is aligned with the galactic centre. Mars, planet of action, desire and motivation, is in close conjunction with the sun and moon. The potential for deep intimacy and letting go of abandonment issues is profound. We can heal the wounded feminine and disempowered masculine within ourselves.

As the Moon comes to Full on the 18th February at 8.34am in Leo, it will oppose a massive line up of planets including Mars, Mercury, Neptune, planet of oneness, and Chiron, the wounded healer. Venus will be right above us shining her beauty from grounded Capricorn; awakening our determined love of nature. The seeds you planted for personal and planetary healing on the 3rd will come to fruition. It could be intense as the possibility for healing the ancestral wounds is immense. This season it is clear, the time of the lone wolf is over, receive help from family and friends, healers and wizards. Breathe into your centre, release the pain and shine your inner light.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 4th March is a time for deep communion with loved ones and setting intention to make time to play and awaken to the romance in your life. The following Full Moon is in Virgo on the 19th March, just one day before the spring equinox moment. Its take off time! Feel the juice rise within you!

The spring equinox is the moment when the sun moves into Aries, this year it is at 11.29pm on 20th March. The sun joins electric, eccentric, revolutionary Uranus and the fire will rise suddenly and forcefully. It is a moment when just being yourself, following your truth whilst maintaining a disciplined practice will help you find the strength and motivation to stay on mission for the rest of 2011.

The New Moon on the 3rd April is THE moment to seed deep sexual healing, recognise where the male principle is out of balance within us and face the wounds within the feminine part of our psyches. Spend it with an inner or outer soul mate! By the Full moon on the 18th April a ripening feeling of sexual and emotional fulfilment can be yours. Value yourself and your inner and outer beauty.

This year Mayday, Beltane, falls on a waning moon leading up to a new moon on the 3rd May. The line up of planets in Aries at this time is awesome, Venus, Jupiter, planet of expansion, Mercury and Mars. Full power potential of unleashing the integrated male and female psyche and getting what you want by drawing it towards you actively. This potentially ego maniac moment is held in check by the power of task master Saturn, opposing it and forcing us to find balance between self and other, a powerful mirroring effect is in operation.

The planets support getting together in our community groups and setting a deeper connection to the Empress within and the beauty of nature and the earth, whilst honouring the penetrative qualities of self expression, causality and beingness.

If you want to find out how this season affects you personally please do not hesitate to contact me for a personal reading. It’s a powerful time. ENJOY!

Janetta Morton



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