Deep and Dreamy Wizard Night

Come and spend the evening with Wizard Wellbeing. Join us for a wonderful dreamy evening of Magical Transformation, Wizard Interactive Talks, Faery Treats, Potions, VortexHealing and Tarot.

Topics include, Healing Environments, Creative Self-Expression, Experience Mythic Tarot, Opening to Trust. We will also come together for a short New Moon Ritual at 8.46pm to set personal intent and connect with Universal Flow.

£5 Suggested Donation.

Themes….Deep and Dreamy, Consciously healing the home environment, Creative Self expression, Trust, Integration.

New Moon at 8.46pm

7pm Introduction
7.15 An astral journey into your own home to create wizard tools supporting your environment – Max Goodwin
7.45pm – Trust…what do you need in order to trust? Lisa Connolly
8pm Break
8.15 Talk leading into group new moon ritual – Peter Wood
8.46pm New Moon Ritual
9pm Tarot play, creative self expression using tarot to explore playfulness and emotions Janetta Morton
9.45 Trust Exercise – All the Wizards
10.15 Bringing it home – Max and Peter
10.30 A parting gift, singing and spellweaving – Janetta and Lisa

I hope you can join us x

Do drop us a line if you are coming, either through the website contact or on our wizard facebook page

Bright blessings



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