The Living Mythology of Spring Equinox

Max Goodwin takes us on a journey to the realm of  faery to  give you a taste of the Living Mythology of this season of Spring Equinox, evoking fae wonder  and magic at this time of balance where the power is shifting towards the summer.

Kings of Equinox

Imagine if you will, a sky full of high staked clouds and bright sunshine, a vast field of fresh grass surrounded by hawthorn dusted with a mist of spring green leaf. In the center of the field a large collection of fantastic tented marquees are festooned with flying banners and bunting, the sound of cheering is carried on the breeze.

The Dark Lady of the lake has called the warriors, young and old, to gather together upon the field of dreams for the ‘Great Testing’. Amongst the colourful marquees and stalls selling exotic treats, the residents of this fair realm pit themselves against each other with competitions of cleverness and cunning, with feats of strength and battle. All to win Her favor.

Enthroned in ebony and robed in midnight, she presides over the games with her consort, the Winter King. He stands strong clad in royal bone armor and crowned with the antlers of the stag.

Of all the warriors on the field, the queen watches only one. The golden armored Prince of Light; Helmed in the style of the ram, he wields the sword of the Summerlands. Undefeated in all challenges he sweeps through the games, gaining support with each victory. Defeating the King Stag’s champion. Until, finally he kneels before their thrones to receive from the Queen a favor; a bright red ribbon. He rises silently. Standing equal with the King, their eyes meet with the sure knowing that battle is certain ………



The story continues at Beltane.

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