Festival Fever Grips the Nation

Thousands of people are set to gather in hills and fields all across the land. As the summer gets into full swing, festival goers are being warned to avoid some of the new corporate branded gatherings such as, The Manky Badger Fest, The Big Mong, Bleeds and Dreading, and Escape to the Landfill. ‘’These events are a rip off’ said Mr Big, a festival critic from Winchester, ‘I spent last summer checking out these alternatives to the alternative festival, and I did not have one moment of epiphany, not one afternoon of blissful connection, and there was not a hint of a friendly vibe.’

Inevitably, at some of these more unsavoury events, there will be some people selling unofficial drugs and claiming that it is completely safe to get off your tits in an intensely corporate environment. Be warned – these illicit drug pushers want you to get so monged that you spend all your money on flouro shite and manky burgers. These drugs will also make you act like an arse in front of pretty girls.

It’s much better, and safer to go to one of the more together, well organised and sustainable events such as Sunrise Celebration. And if you must go to Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Chaos and The Corporatisation of Music Culture; Subtly Demeaning to the Notion of Experiencing True Art in an Autonomous Communal Environment….please, for your own sake, spend much of your time in the green fields, and if you refer to this immense gathering as ‘Pilton,’ then you should have a much better time.

Some gatherings have run into trouble already this year. The Partival, planned for May, was postponed. In a shock move, the partival organisers made a classic mistake; advertising and encouraging people to come! Who would have thought that promoting the event on facebook would result in not getting an event licence?

This is not the first time that festivals have suffered due to dubious licensing rules and regulations. The Big Green Gathering was one of the hardest hit in the festival scene. They had to cancel at the last minute, after all the infrastructure had been put in place and people were literally on their way to the event. Mendip Council took to the courts to force a cancellation. It is rumoured the there will be new shoots of a Green Gathering emerging at the end of July this year.

There is such a diverse list of festivals, from The Big Chill, and Buddhafield, to the Glade and Croissant Neuf Summer Party. Get your hands on a copy of Festival Eye to see what’s out there. There is something for everyone!

Wizards will be appear at some of the best camps and events on the circuit. They are preparing the Wizard Lounge for Sunrise Celebration, where they will be available for Magical Information and First Aid. It has been reported that a visit to the Wizards enhances your whole festival. Look out for these Wizards in the Giggling Goblin Bar at The 3 Wishes Faery Fest, in The Green Fields at Pilton (Or Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Chaos, Music and Art…for short) and at New Holistic Camp.

Transformational experiences can be expected at these and many other events. The music, the crowds, the cafes, the talks and workshops, whatever you are looking for I hope you find it. May you discover inspiration, love and delight in the wild places.

See you in a field somewhere soon!

Have a fabulous summer!


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2 responses to “Festival Fever Grips the Nation

  1. Good advice from the Wizards 🙂

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