Fires of change

The home fires where I grew up were largely electric fires. An orange glow from the coiled filaments warming the atmosphere or a cold metal radiator that could become hot at the flick of a switch. Central heating was the fashion, and many homes no longer had a hearth with an open fire. People didn’t gather around fires outside in their communities, we lived in blocks of flats and there was nowhere to do it. So I had too few early experiences with the natural flame. We had to form our own relationship with the fire. On bonfire night, we would find whatever we could to burn, pile it all together at a local dump, and set light to it. They were not the most mindful fires and sometimes the black smoke would be choking. Still, a certain tribal spirit was felt. It was just us kids; we were missing the elders in the community, so had no one to teach us and guide us.

When we had power cuts everyone would light candles. We would all go outside with our naked flames and meet others in the candlelight. It was a wonderful time, walking through the corridors, meeting friends and neighbours, using the flame to find out who they were, bringing our own light out into the darkness. Many of those living in the cities lost our sacred connection to fire during the 70’s and 80’s and these exciting encounters stand out in my memory as monuments of a past largely devoid of a natural flame.

Last month saw pockets of rioting in London and other cities in the UK. The steaming shells of buildings were left standing stark, even in the bold city landscape. There is a deep rage among some of those who live in the cities and it erupted. The touch paper was lit on a summer weekend and fear gripped those who saw the flames ripping through their communities. An inferno raged in one building, a white hot vortex blazing through and around the curved roads. The wind feeding it, blasting the heat out into the street. It held such power that to see it, even on the TV, took my breath away.Buildings that days ago were aflame with a  fury and discontent that many who set the fires don’t know how else to express.  The destruction of those fires symbolic of the destruction of the spirit of community. The riots were out of control, the people taking part had lost all moral connection, and the heart of the community burned. Without empathy or care for others people in the city were out there causing chaos. It screamed out to me how we have lost our connection with the sacredness of fire, yet even in the destruction those out on the streets felt alive, purposeful and powerful.

We had a firewalking ceremony that very night in Glastonbury. This was a powerful fire of awakening. It shifted our perceptions of reality, and it made us feel whole, alive, purposeful and powerful. When we use the potent energy of fire for positive change, then we transform our relationship with ourselves, with our community, and with our connection to the divine. Reclaiming our sacred connection to fire gives us the power to rise up and be a potent force of positive change in the world. Let us embrace the fires of change.

We are having a BBQ today, Max has just walked in with a sore toe … saying ‘ It’s amazing, We regularly walk across 8-12 ft of burning coals without any problem, and just one tiny coal jumps out of a bed and burns the end of my toe in an instant!’ Even after 12 years of firewalking the magic is still so potent.

The evidence that fire burns is all around us all the time. Indeed it has been there since we were tiny children just crawling around. Fire Burns! To break down this fundamental and elemental belief and make it possible to walk over hot coals without injury is to break down the illusion of reality. It is a confirmation that life is not what it seems, and that far more is possible than we could imagine.


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8 responses to “Fires of change

  1. Well thought and evocative, I love that you have shared your memories in this piece. An interesting angle, to explore the fire element
    Blessings always
    feather x

    • Thank you Feather, it was potent for me writing it and remembering. I am a long way from the City I loved when i was younger; and have been for such a long time. It was evocative for me to see what was happening in London … and to come back home from firewalking to see the huge fires in streets that I knew as a youth was quite full on. Destructive fires are so transformational, and create much pain, sometimes painful transformation is necessary i guess x Much Love, Lisa

  2. ▲- I concur! Your imagery is great Lisa 🙂
    Often whilst living in our realities we loose touch with what is important and what is real. The element of fire is in itself unalterable and therefore can be a reference
    point for us to check our selves against. I often find death to have a similar quality – in as much as being an unalterable element from which one can draw a certain reference of ones place within the universe.
    I really enjoyed reading your piece Lisa, bright blessings to you and yours!
    Much love,
    P.S. am sending healing thoughts to Max’s toes! hehe!

    • Hey Pete, Yes! I love this, powerful things to check against, but worth it for the true potential that can be unlocked x It is sometimes at the edge of crisis that our full potential is realised, remarkable what we can do when in a crisis situation, such as threat of death or injury x potent stuff huh x Good to hear from you xx Keep in touch! Much Love, Lisa

  3. Janetta

    thanks for this amazing piece Lisa. I have finaly signed up for the Wizard blog! the astrology on that weekend was definately a fire starter! it just shows that if we use the energies for positive change, to burn away our fears and resistances, it can be so constructively powerful, and if we choose to unleash fire to express our anger it can be so destructively powerful. lots of love Janetta. x

  4. Sassy Willow.

    I was away camping in a field during the riots that occured around the country and had not seen any news for a whole week so you can imagine my shocked when I heard. The following week I had the awsome honor to do my first ever fire walk with Max and Lisa and it has without a doubt confirmed my total belief in the power of magic and has re ignighted the magic within me and my own power to change my life forthe better! allIcan sayisthat if everyone tapped into this magic force within themseves we could change our whole world for the better and create a new world of peace and love.

    • Hey there Sassy one x Thank you for your kind comments. It was great to meet you at New Holistic, you were such an inspiration, and so determined to walk your talk, you reminded me of one of my early firewalks (before I started to teach)… balancing the needs of the children with my own needs; knowing the magic and power it would bring to my whole family xx Much Love to you and yours xx

  5. Sassy Willow.

    Thanks Lisa, I have struggled sinceI got home as my friendships to the people I came with have come to an end adn I find myself increasingly feeling alone but whenever I am struggling I think about how connected to everyone and everything on our beautiful planet and dream of the fire that was below my feet egnighting the fire inside me.
    You gave me that gift and I thank you eternally for it!
    Love and Blessings to you.
    Sassy. x

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