1.11.11 – News from the White Spring

Many of you already know that I am also custodian of the White Spring in Glastonbury. We have a new website and I am writing regular news items from there. I though you might like to have news of what is happening and our work at this magnificent temple space in Glastonbury.
November News
Greetings on this day of ones, and welcome to the first White Spring news. The sun is still shining, the warmth unusual for the time of year and the beauty in nature is phenomenal as the sun’s rays dance upon the copper, yellow and red leaves of autumn.

Today, 1st November 2011, is All Saints day in the Catholic Calendar, a day to honour the saints both known and unknown. As we settle after Halloween; a night of misrule where many children in our community go out and go door to door, dressed as witches, devils, spirits and monsters, All Souls day is being prepared for in churches across the land so that congregations may commemorate the dead.

On the Scorpio dark moon, we held our Samhain Celebrations. On the 26th October (Also Diwali, Festival of Light) we gathered together ‘For the Love of It,’ to share food and drink, inspiration and song, and to spend the night around a fire together sharing in our love of this place. Thank you to all who came and took part in this potent annual gathering, and to those who brought firewood and tended the fire well into the night.

It was a powerful gathering to honour our ancestors and align ourselves with the energies of the coming year. Daygan’s beautiful Celtic tunes delighted us as we danced around the watery candlelit temple, it was so uplifting and inspirational to dance on the edge of Faery with such innocence and joy. It is lovely to head into the Celtic New Year with such warmth and blessings from those within our community, and to do so with the knowledge that other traditions also take the time to honour their ancestors, light lamps, share treats and have ceremonies to drive away spirits with ill intent at this time of year.

So, the tide turns toward Winter Solstice and we prepare for the dark, colder side of the year. I look forward to this season with a feeling of warmth and love from the White Spring community; we have had such generous support from our friends and companions. I send that love out to you, may you find warmth and loving support over these winter months.

This season sees the completion of a new White Spring website. Please visit the website and take a look around, there is much fascinating information about this wonderful sacred space. Thanks to Gill, Max and Peter for their assistance with the wording, and special thanks to Alisdair for his web mastery and skill. You can find out more about our philosophy, background and purpose here, as well as up to date information about our opening times and events.

We are pushing on to new projects now and plan to complete a number of tasks over the winter. Our attention is called to the entrance ways and the garden. The doors to the sanctuary will be replaced very soon with magnificent new reclaimed wooden doors, and plans are being drawn to refurbish the garden so that it may reflect the wonder and beauty of the inside temple space.

This year, it feels we are at a potent part of the process; realising and releasing the power and magnificence of this place. The White Spring is being recognised, by pilgrims and locals alike, as a peaceful sanctuary and potent temple. Many of our visitors comment on the raw and true divinity that they experience within the temple and shrines.

It is a wonder to remember that in just 12 weeks or so, we will be gathering again for our annual Imbolc celebrations, the winter does not seem to hold for that long. So let’s cherish these wild windy days, the beauty of snow that covers everything with a magical coat, brightening the winter skies and reflecting the powerful winter sun. Let’s appreciate the beauty of the frost on the ground, and the way the morning mist freezes on the leaves and the webs of spiders. Let’s feel the cold turn our cheeks red, and call us to wrap up in the cozy winter coats and scarves.

You are most welcome to join us as we mark the Winter Solstice at the White Spring, on 22nd December at 2pm. We have invited the Avalon Choir and other musicians to sing carols and seasonal songs. Bring food or non-alcohol drink to share, and, if you wish, your songs, poetry and words of wisdom. I hope to see you there, until then, keep warm and be held in the sweet arms of divine spirit x

Bright Blessings
White Spring Custodian

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