White Spring Diary – Merlin – Part 2

So on Monday evening we waited at The White Spring. We lit up the place with candles as usual, swept the shrines out and then sang for a while. Anthony arrived with a new teacher, her husband, and Daisy Foss, another Vortex Student.

As he stepped over the threshold I noticed, of all things, his shoes! They were black converse boots, the same shoes that Dr Who wears in the current TV show. I had an odd sci-fi moment. The blue of the doors, the Tardis quality of the White Spring; it seeming much bigger on the inside, the ‘Dr Who’ shoes disappearing into the building … and for a moment, my mind was transported into a fantastic story of time travelling Wizards. I chuckled to myself and followed him inside, stepping into another world entirely.

Those of you who know the White Spring will appreciate the ‘other worldlyness’ about it. It takes you right out of the mundane world and expresses such a magic and beauty that, once you surrender to it, you cannot help but feel moved by the experience.

We told them a brief history of the building and about the water, the shrines and the philosophy of the temple space. After wandering around getting a feel for it, Anthony told us of the interesting energies that he could sense. There was a short pause at each shrine before he told us what we were going to do. I was pleased when he said that, rather than changing anything here, we would be enhancing the natural magic already present at the site. Merlin had a gift for the White Spring and the teachers, with our help, would create the energetic structures needed for them to manifest.

A divine door would be opened in the space, to deepen the expression of the natural magic of Gaia and an earthworks funnel would also be created in the centre of the space that would link into the nexus point of ley-lines beneath the Tor and flow out from there, preventing any further stagnation.

I didn’t fully understand these energetic structures or know how to create them, as I have not done the training to Earthworks level yet. However, I do understand (something of) this place, and the energy of VortexHealing, so I knew that nothing would happen here unless it was perfect for this place right now. Besides, my heart was singing a resounding Yes! through the whole experience. Max and I don’t yet have the tools needed to create these kinds of energetic structures so we were to be focussing on integrating them whilst the two teachers and other two students created them.

We stood together in the central chamber. First, the divine door was created; the teachers focused and our breathing became much faster. I felt the energy build all around us and then there was an intense sensation in the centre and around my heart space, it felt like an awesome amount of energy. As the ‘door’ opened it was like the whole building was breathing, the stone, not so solid, seemed to be sighing.  The whole building was alive, it was in the very structure of the place. Daisy confirmed this when she asked Anthony where the door was located, and he said ‘it’s everywhere’.

When we moved on to the funnel structure there  was also an interesting sensation. Whilst integrating, I felt a need  to pull back out of it for a second to ground because the energy was so intense … difficult to put into words. A very powerful (almost orgasmic) feeling deep in the heart space expanded and kind of moved up to my head.

It was so intense that I had a huge wave of emotion (associated with my mind suddenly saying something like ‘Wow, this is amazing’). I thought I might pass out, I could feel my eyes rolling backwards and had to really pull my focus back and surrender so that I could keep going.

Then Anthony told us that Merlin wanted to open a divine door in the funnel. More powerful breath work was needed. We needed to do a mantra to connect deeper to the Merlin. Like a burst of energy from the centre, like lightning, but without so much impact – the door opened. Anthony told us that this divine door was quite unusual, and even more so, that this funnel was connected to a galactic ley-line.

Anthony visited the Brigid Shrine just before he left. He seemed to particularly like the energy there. He told us that it was truly magical. I had no doubt, the hazel bower; built as a prayer, the flame; kept warm and tended for 7 years, the love and dedication, the songs that are sung, the consecration of the space – it all goes towards the divine presence that may be felt here.

It was delightful just after they all left – our resident robin hopped into the building through the front door, right inside the building. He took a look around and then flew out again. Natural magic.

Max and I locked the doors for a time and stayed in the semi-darkness after putting out the candles. I felt like a child with a new toy; it felt so wonderful in there! We stood in the centre, where the funnel is, and looked at the back wall – we could see very clearly an image that I took to be Merlin – it looked 3d like it had depth and character, a giant head (like in the Wizard of Oz) – Yes really! I have a vivid imagination and often ‘see’ things in the White Spring, but never have I seen such a powerful image of Merlin so clearly. Max could see it too. One eye open and one eye closed. Funny … I know it was the light in the wet places on the wall, and the lime seeping through the walls that the image was made up of, yet my mind hadn’t done that with it before. I have seen dragons, monks, ladies dancing, and even a boat, this was the first time I saw such a tangible image of Merlin in the shifting shapes.

The next day I arrived at the Spring and the keepers for that day looked at me and said – ‘What have you done to the place!’ They told me that the energy was tangible, they had felt it the moment they opened the doors. They said it felt kind of feminine, like a secret rose garden or something …. I guessed that would be the divine door to Gaia that they were sensing. One of them commented that it feels like a new temple.

The water flow is increased now due to the rain and there is a powerful raw energy about it. Anthony told me that the energy would build and it will come more into form. When I asked what we can do as keepers to help or maintain the energetic structures he told us, simply be aware of them, love nature and continue with what you are doing.

I have so much gratitude for Anthony, the VortexHealing group, and for Merlin bringing the gifts for the White Spring, they are so appropriate and perfect right here, right now. Merlin knows what he’s doing for sure!

Many of our visitors at Mayday and Beltane commented that the place feels joyful and alive. Why not come along and see if you can notice any shifts in the energy at the White Spring? I’d love to hear what impressions you might get.


Brightest Blessings


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