A Poem a Day – April Fools!

I have decided to have a go at writing a poem a day. NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April. Check out other participants here … http://www.napowrimo.net/participants-sites/

So this is the first of 30 poems in 30 days … let’s begin ..

April Fools!

Today who is the fool?
He who stands in charge, or you and me?
Programmed to follow rule
taking on the yoke of self-imposed authority.
To stand poor with the majority
and wonder sink or swim!

Radical cuts re-form
us, transform us into a poverty state.
Less money, is the norm,
less food to put upon your plate
do we surrender to our fate?
Let’s see if we lose or win.

Cameron leaves his house today
with a trick upon his lips.
Snatching money, health and homes away
with his Tory whips.
They have a thousand traps and tricks
and a population to con-dem

Do we let them take
what’s ours to defend?
Allow our backs to break
Allow our knees to bend?
But we have families to tend
Are we with us or them?

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