Everyone is Telling Lies

#Napowrimo poem – day 3

I like to write in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning … so I am using yesterday’s prompt from National poetry writing month. I won’t always be using the prompts … and when a musing happens without it, I will just go with the flow.

So the prompt is to tell a lie.

Everyone is telling lies

When I went to school, I called the teacher Miss.
She told me all about that, she told me all about this.
She taught me to conform, abide rules carefully.
She mixed up the truth with something weird, and I see,
She’s telling lies.

And on the flat screen telly, I watch the BBC.
Preaching to the masses, something bad I cannot see.
Financial meltdown mixes, with a war on humankind.
He’s editing the truth, and one thing blows my mind,
He’s telling lies.

I never had a problem, with those folk in government.
I think I always knew, they never mean what they meant.
I never thought to question, what difference it makes to me,
To vote or not to vote, but then I started to see,
They’re telling lies.

I open up a paper, to see the latest news,
I think it could be wise, to know about it’s views.
Sensation and destruction, served up on a plate.
Untruths, exaggerations, I can’t help but intimate,
It’s telling lies

Now I’ve written this poem, I’m so profound.
I like the rhythm, I like the sound.
It’s by a famous writer, no-one can criticise,
and then I stop for a second, and I start to realise,
I’m telling lies.


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