A Shanty for the Pirates of Dead Island UK

Taken an oath under maritime law?
Heave ho, there’s no need to frown
They’ll make you pull ropes til your fingers are raw
Heave ho, and tie the men down

Heave ho, they tax the whole town
Their off shore accounts save the whole company
Heave ho, they keep the costs down

Now remain in the dock, and give up your berth
Heave ho, and sign your name, clown
They”ll pick up the salvage to get what you’re worth
Heave ho and bring the slaves down

1666, lost ewer the sea
Heave ho, they burned the town down
They’ve stolen your ship by Admiralty
Heave ho, they said you were drowned

You are legally dead, by Cestui Que Vie
Heave ho, can’t you read MRS BROWN?
They’re safe in their bloodline; the right ancestry
Heave ho, they wear the right gowns

You chose to agree, you ‘orrible lot
Heave ho, can’t find common ground
and by your agreement you got what you got
Heave ho, you gave up your crown.

So, tie the men, bring the men, hold the men down!

anon skull crossbonesMaritime Law – The common Law with the addition of 80,000 made up Acts and Policies that humans were fooled into agreeing to over a long period of time by an elite few. The Cestui Que Vie Trust Act of 1666 was passed during the Great Fire of London. It declared everyone legally dead. The assets were put into a trust and are still held as salvage by the state.

Grave stones have names in capital letters because they are legally dead. You do not own property, you only think you do. Read your title deed carefully, it says that the state reserves all its rights.

Are you dead? Yes, which is why your name is spelt in block capitals on all legal documents.

http://www.napowrimo.net/ Day 4


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