Ebay clock #napowrimo 14

A poem a day, 14 nearly half way – this is a silly poem – 70% of it was found on ebay .. yes, really these things were all listed and most of them sold!

Tick tock tick tock …
watching the ebay clock …
just before mid day …
someone else has bid – Hey!

I really want a broken fairground ride,
and a purse made out of badger’s hide,
those postcards from old istanbul,
and just before my basket’s full,

I simply must have ….

a raccoon’s penis bone,
a holographic Jesus,
the biggest bollocks in the world,
a potato that looks like a penis,

a haunted table cloth,
a woman’s virginity to pluck,
I hope I’m in for luck,
I really hope I win that …

virgin mary baked in cheese,
dried peach vagina, if you please!

a mummified mouse,
a paper clip for a house,
50’s monopoly bank,
to date homosexual uncle frank,

the ghost of a cat, a cloud in a can,
and 40 year old raspberry jam,
and not to be outdone,
I want elvis presley’s chewing gum …

I hope I won, I hope I won!

Only a minute to get the bid in,
digital feeding adrenalin,
5 minutes left,
press refresh,
get the bid in.

tick tock tick tock
the ebay clock
loadsa money to burn
I got more cash than pleasure
trash transforms into treasure …

Confirm, confirm, confirm!

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