Supermanwoman #napowrimo15

A living mythology of heroes and gods
Builds our cultural identity,a motley mob
Of living myth; comic book interference
An imaginary mind full reality dodge

We can be anything we want to be
In the mystery of comic book comickry
We can choose to win or lose
in moments of whimsy and mimcry

There’s Hulking Dr David Bruce Banner,
an Incredible way to not manage anger,
or Peter Spider Man Parker,
if we don’t hold arachnid rancor.

Is the Grayson Boy, Robin Dick Wonder,
the spell we want to be under ?
Or that Man Bruce Wayne, Bat protagonist main,
can chase away all of the thunder

Even more for American fans,
Captain Steve Rogers is our man,
or Mr. Richards Fantastic Reed
sows cultural seeds for man.

We can be Clark Superduper Kent Man
and The Flash Barry Allen to do what we can
seek Stark Iron if we need to be strong,
that dependable Tony is solid, Man.

Now girls don’t you think you’re left out,
not heroic to pucker and pout
Living mythology heroine goddess
is what we’re all about

On Linda Supergirl Danvers
We could create our canvas,
or look for other stories
on which to build our glory
of feminist protagonists and saviours

The Gordon Girl, Barbera Bat
or The Kyle Woman, Selena Cat
But Diana Woman Wonder may take ussunder,
with a 70’s shake of her back

side issue. Now for the telly,
those heroes could give us some welly
hopeful teens stare at the screen
looking for fire in their belly

Mr Templar, Saint Simon to give us a hand
or Col. Austin, Million Dollar Man
we may need Lone John Ranger Reid
and Major Lee we understand

The girls have also advanced
a gift from U.N.C.L.E, an April Dance
and that Summers Woman, Jaimie
to give us a much more Bionic stance.

But Diana is still spinning there
chiropractic pose and shaking her hair
Mrs Prince, to show us how wonder full
women should be everywhere.

So ladies look at the villain,
who may be more culturally willing
to help mankind and womankind out
with our mythic inheritence filling

Darkholme Raven provides more Mystique
though she often looks like a freak
but Jean Dark Grey gives us something to say
when the Pheonix Summer peaks

Or what about Widow Romanova
Black Natalia for our present composure
Or that mysterious woman Natchios
Elektra’s spirit for sheep to take over

Girls, remember my earlier spout;
not heroic to pucker and pout
Living woman, heroine, villain and goddess
is that what we’re all about?


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