Boston Bomb, Something’s Wrong! #napowrimo17

A day ahead of myself in light of the news x Poem 17 – I can have a day off tomorrow 😉

 False flag terrorist,

MI6 playing tricks

FBI sends a spy,

accusation never sticks

pseudo gangs created,

by governement.


mirrors and smoke

for angry folk

and the media is fixated

An agent provocateur

with motives not too pure,

blames insurgent,

or innocent gent,

while bloody scenes endure.

To those wishing for better days;

the brave ones who won’t turn away –

Boston Bomb,

something’s wrong,

NOW, I got something to say.

And it’s getting pretty urgent,

despite our common divergence,

this is a stitch up confusion of which,

man or operative was insurgent!

False flaggers get a slapped wrist,

and everyone else is a terrorist,

9.11, 7.7 – a common obsession,

turns me into conspiracy theorist.


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