Poets, bards, lyricists … #napowrimo19

Poets bards lyricists,

please tell me this …
or is there something
I have missed ?
Is it normal for
words and inspiration,
that arrive by invitation,
to speak out in a rush,
of furious dedication?
Lost backlog of words
clamour for attention,
give them intention,
Then a flurry and a flood
at the edge of perception.
They come,
hands hardly keep up
with the writing
and the typing
editing and getting
them done,
and words going
round and round
not even knowing
if I like the sound,
of my own voice,
the rhythm,
the timbre choice,
and tracing beats
as I walk the street
and counting
syllables in songs …
judging right or wrong.

Is it normal or
too informal to ask?

Is this really what makes
words that will last?

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