Truth Re-member Glory #Napowrimo27

So the prompt for yesterday was to erase words from a poem to make another – I used one of my own that I am still working on to get this … Can you guess what it is yet?

Cunning confusion.
Dastardly magic.
Labyrinth belief,
Courts common motif.

Esoteric charts.
Manipulate desire,
Satiate passion,
Upon sinning seed.

The dead would shadow,
Decorum destroyer.
Lord esteemed,
Assisted, redeemed.

Obedience doth defend.
Set crown down.
Alchemy hid doctrine.
Duty hid myth.

And Druid feet did,
Walk other-worlds.
Lady unfurled, the earth,
Female sublime.

Alchemist bells ne’er tell,
Vital avaricious findings,
Philosophy Vitae, Discovered.
Obliging Master tricked.

All watched under
The power, to err;
Just forgotten magic.

I with pressing patience,
unpick deviations;
And tricks.
Urged by blood.

Kin bound, to grave.
Quoth magicians,
‘Know traditions.’

No magic found.
Under stand;
Attacked ley land.
Privy kept secret.

Thus wrought purpose ,
By remembrance;
Forgotten, misbegotten.

Evil spell cast,
Balmy full moon eve.
Ere delay,
Remembrances well courted.

Learned scoundrel, devil disgraced
In charge of reason –
And the man went out
Tempted; rhyme.

Persuasive against,
Worshipful suffer.
Matter upon magic,
engineers torture.

Recollect mentality,
Mystic words.
Irony rears piety,
Dark burden.

Adept, protect!
Hidden; wise, though late.
Ignored summit. Intent;
Brutally stuffed every one.

Appalling mask,
Nurtured destruction,
Dissected life;
Impeccable resurrection.

Unfinished Sabbat,
Bloody crescent moon.
Sacrifice dead parody.
Reminiscent fidelity.

Oppositional water;
bloody slaughter,
spent in further descent.

Common desecration,
Most deviation,
Heresy worshipped,
Slaughtered lamb.

Provide rich revival, heaven!
Pregnant dragon’s roar,
Love and heart,
Curl apart.

Knights overwhelm power.
Stand youth,
Fire truth;

Divine unity,
Alchemic power rose;
Common, Divine.
Truth, re-member Glory!

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