Athens – Into The Fire!

I am taking part in the Bardic trials tonight – and the theme is The Legend of Prometheus. So when i was invited (on the same night) to see a film called ‘Into the Fire’ I had to look at what it was about – and I discovered an atrocity against humanity, and I wrote this in response.

“I come here for safety of myself,
Because I was beaten in my own country,
I come here and somebody
wants to beat me again!
I don’t beat nobody …”

Violence is the penalty
For seeking safety.

Heed this, humanity;
In Athens, a Golden Dawn rises.
Listen to the casualties of crisis!

No asylum in Greece, for Iraqi or Somalian,
Refugees sleep in streets, Sudanese, and Nigerian,
Almost nothing to eat, Pakistani and Egyptian
Wait in the shadows to be beat! Syrian and Iranian.

A national disgrace, in the foundation of democracy,
Taking up arms against race, in this Aryan conspiracy.
The proud neo-Nazi rising up through politics,
Golden Dawn party, Greek xenophobic lunatics.

1941 –climbing the acropolis, an ardent man,
Tore down the swastika and put up a Greek flag,
Now look at government, things are getting nasty,
He sits in parliament side by side with neo-Nazis.

Preying on fears amid a terrible recession,
Of Greeks who hear about the flood of immigration.
Raising fire, swastikas and thugs on the streets,
Parliament leaders incite against minorities.

Pink card or rejection, no legal right to survive,
They say ‘You didn’t convince us with your lies!’
‘You are done with asylum, and barely alive,
just fuck off! Leave the country! Even water is deprived.’

Golden dawn finds fertile ground to rise up and destroy,
To smash, punch and pound, refugee man, woman and boy,
Overlooked by police who watch the Golden Dawn rise,
Smashing windows and bones, tortured city in demise.

Rounded up by Operation Zeus and now they want release!
And there is no excuse for the violence to increase.
We cannot work or walk, we cannot find reprieve,
It’s hard to eat or talk … and we only beg to leave.

Beaten by fascists several times, beaten by police even more.
They beat  illegal immigrants, side by side with Golden Dawn.”
Police say, We wont just arrest you, we will beat and grope,
We will rape and fuck you up, and turn you into soap.

Even though it increases the danger,
To step forward and defend a stranger,
And Doctors who treat immigrants are beat,
Freedom loving Greeks stand in solidarity to speak!

“FEAR is not an option –
All the people should understand that.
We must not fear them.
If we let them put fear in us,
And terrorise us, they will win.
This must not happen.
People should fight back.
People should resist.
People have the power to do so.”

‘Silence is violence.’ written in red paint on the wall.


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