Universal Credit

Universal credit,
What’s with that shit?
Sounds positive,
And the government,
Those stiff
fuckers in parliament,
Seal the deal
With cuts in benefit
– universal credit.

Will you qualify?
Will you get it.
Be deemed worthy?
To keep your dream,
Or will they
Tear up your vision board?

Replace it with digital id
A bar code or chip
To scan, to see
If you can afford to be

Are you acceptable
Do you get any credit?
The right to be free?

See, we were set up
with you can have it all!
The universal call
to manifest while
doing nothing
but praying
and saying
in the mirror affirming
your right to be.

I am worthy,
I am wealthy,
I am pretty,
I am more,
than I can ever be.

See the map is not reality,
regraph it, imaginary.
Trauma, you can half it!
Salary, you can treble it!
Anything you wanna be,
you can have it!
Just buy the movie.
Have you not read the secret?
Can you afford to keep it?

Yeah that Hermes Trismegitus,
He gives it up for all for us.
If you do it right ….
If not,
Well you might
be one of those
god knows,
there are plenty of us
who karma fights
and hits
in the face like a bus.

And your spirit is broken
and your home is taken
and god forsaken
words spoken …..

Got any spare change?

Man the rage
that swells up
from the bottom
of the cup.

Your vision board is
chalked on the concrete.
Your dreams are hanging
loose on the bench.
Your aspiration swims
in the dregs of a can
of special brew.
So what can you do?

When most days its hard to
even be in your body!
To visualise, materialise
an unreal possibility.

That you didn’t deserve this!
That you didn’t create this!
That this mess is not the
damning of your soul!
Earned from another life
when your heart was cold.

My heart has grown cold!
With this universal lie
that we have been sold!
Universally – I see

your heart’s desire

Christ your spirit is so bold!

Give credit to your dreams,

don’t let em grow old.

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One response to “Universal Credit

  1. harryseeingred

    The blue and yellow Maoist coalition is banking on the fact that the more they punish the poor the harder it will be for them to gain any support elewhere but we know better, There has to be a landslide against them and we better be building it now. Like the venom in this poem.

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