Fracking Energy Needs


Shall Times best resource lie in earth untouched?
Unsullied by the greed of human hand?
Beauty, spoils of Earth, energy from dust.
Gas discovered in shale beneath the land,
And lo! A fracking head is in the sand.

Oh, what strong heart can hold the earthquake back?
Forestall the shaking land from our demise.
And who would stand against hydraulic frack?
Uncover all the engineering lies,
And take those needy blinkers from our eyes.

Who will protect and clear the sacred water?
Who holds the sand back in the hourglass?
Safeguarding the land of sons and daughters,
Against our want for electric and gas,
And the consumable needs of the mass.

As our energy needs drift on the air,
Wind of volatile organic compounds.
Corporate interest is stealing a share,
Of the treasure to be found underground.
Oh, forever the fault line shall resound.

Unless we treat the Earth with compassion,
Surely her wrath will boil up in the shale,
Gaia’s heart burns with a fire and passion,
Her treasure and jewels cannot be for sale.
Fracking; the herald of ultimate fail.

And the fires will burn on the waters,
Poison and toxins collide in the air.
The earth she will shake and quake and falter,
Elemental disturbance everywhere.
Can we really afford to stand and stare?


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