I Am The Story

I am a living mythology.
An ancient future,
Of legends unfolding.
I am life evolving.

I am transformation.
An amalgamation of change.
Is the mind in the body,
or the body in the mind?
I am completely deranged,
I am all seeing blind.

Nature tricks and trips us,
The quick fix guru trip.
Flipping from that to this;
I am ascended master,
Descended mistress.
I am sovereignty seeking salvation.
I am restless humanity.
Not content, not consenting;
I am polite profanity.

I am a roaring lion,
All about the town.
Sleeping by your feet,
I found the stolen crown.
The dragon awakened,
I am the world forsaken.
A beating heart of unicorn,
I am both the hunter,
and the horn.

I am the fallen.
The raven,
And the carrion;
The clarion call,
I am the calling.
I am the law keeper.
The murder of crows.
I am the death throws of humanity.

I am the dreamer of dreams,
Of unfolding themes,
And song line streams.
Unpicking the seams of cultural leanings.
I am nagual dreaming.

Black on black.
I am the second attention lift.
The cosmic shift.
Web less spider slipping.
I am the last thread to snip.

In the folly of futility,
I am mutability.
Another narrative,
A breathing dialogue,
A bleeding monologue.
I am the word,
And the word Is.

I am a dog,
Pulled up from,
The black tarmac,
To suck up disbelief.
I am comic relief.
I brought home the golden fleece.
I am the magician.
The keeper of the peace,
Dancing with The Queen of Heaven.

I am Jonah in the whale.
An extraordinary library.
Akashic hall absurdity,
Of patterns upon patterns,
Web upon web.
I am the wizard thread.

I am emptiness dancing.
Asleep perchance to dream.
I am no thing.
I am every thing.
I am Alice in Avalon.
Where’s the rabbit hole gone?
Who I was is done.
And all I’ve done,
Is babble on.

I’m a wizard, a sorceress,
A bard, a druid.
I am timeless fluid.
A button to press,
or be pressed.
I’m unimpressed.
Unconcerned by,
What I have learned.

I might be …
I could be …
I should be …
I would be …

No thing matters to me.
I am Sidhe of the sea.
Divine Glory.

I am the story.



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2 responses to “I Am The Story

  1. I love the combination of shapeshifting and paradox- particularly being hunter and horn, and the phrase ‘bleeding monologue.’

    • Thanks Lorna – hehe I liked the bleeding monologue line too – my day was a paradox of shapeshifting and the words are a reflection of what I am learning so far on this crazy bardic journey x ha no one told me being the bard of Glastonbury would open up so much memory and transformation x

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