Avalon Waters – a poem

Waters of Avalon

An ivy throne, water worn stone,
Fae King and Queen are wed.
Salt breeze smell, elemental swells,
Bears holly streaks of red.

Find a treasure, seeking pleasure,
Where pilgrims dare to walk.
Crack in the edifice, calcite crevices,
Cascading streams of chalk.

From deep within the form of things,
From death unto rebirth.
Autumn, summer, winter, springs
A song to soothe the earth.

Tir Na Nog, Tylwyth Teg,
King and Queen; Sidhe sings.
On lakeland hill, an island still,
precious water springs.


August 2013 – Lisa Goodwin – Current Bard of Ynis Witrin Image

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One response to “Avalon Waters – a poem

  1. Masterful use of a complex rhyme scheme 🙂

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