SOS! Save Our Spring ……… Urgent White Spring Appeal


Please come along to our

White Spring Presentation

Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 

Tuesday 17th September at 7pm 

and a focus group meeting Saturday 5th October at 1.30pm – location TBC

SOS – Save Our Spring

The White Spring in Glastonbury needs your help. There is a real risk that we will be forced to close unless we get more support! The owner is no longer able to generously support financially towards the annual costs as he has in previous years. Over the next year the current custodians are needing to step back to start focusing on other projects.

Why save the White Spring?

Know where your water is… Free wholesome spring water is provided to all who come to collect it.

The White Spring is not just in Glastonbury, it is in the hearts of many people all across the world; people who cherish the place. This sanctuary has become a vital sacred site to thousands of pilgrims and visitors. Many people comment that it is one of the most beautiful and unique spiritual locations they have visited in the world.

In dedication to the spiritual energies of this place, we have created sacred pools and shrines within the sanctuary. It is an expression of gratitude for the gift of pure water. It is a sanctuary, a place of reflection, inspiration and healing. It is a sacred site of great depth and beauty. It is a living temple.

Individuals and groups from all spiritual paths and traditions who come in peace are welcomed. In true temple tradition, no-one is charged or paid. Every individual who contributes does so from the heart. All is freely and lovingly given. All that is done here is done for the love of it.

The White Spring has become a prominent tourist attraction visited by more than a hundred visitors each day, and many more during peak times. The restoration of this wonderful building has impacted positively on the local area. There is a much improved atmosphere in Wellhouse lane as a consequence of the dedication of helpers who encourage peaceful respect from all visitors. This has created a wonderful loving sanctuary nestled at the base of Glastonbury Tor.

What help do we need?

Contributions can be made via

This is an urgent call out for our local and world-wide community to increase the generous support for this well-loved place.  It must now be financially self sustaining. We are putting together standing order forms for friends of the White Spring and direct debit mandates for those who wish to contribute regularly – together we can do this x

As well as continued financial support, we also need physical help. A strong team is needed to hold this space. We have a dedicated small group of volunteers who open up for the public, which is wonderful, and we need much more than this now. We need help with maintenance, ceremony, events, financial support, admin and logistics.

For The White Spring to continue as a free, open to all sanctuary much more input is needed. The custodians have agreed to spend the next six months gathering physical support and funds, after this the team will look at the situation again.

This is an exciting opportunity for the whole community to get involved. The need for other people to step up is pressing. There will be a presentation to the community, for supporters of the White Spring, on Tuesday 17th September at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. A focus group meeting is scheduled for 5th October.

We have written a summary of the tasks involved in the provision of this remarkable place which will be available at the presentation/meeting. It is amazing how much is achieved by so few people. There are simply not enough of us, or enough hours in the day to continue as we have been.

With just a drop of dedication from each member of our White Spring community, this place will become an even more magnificent water temple, and will be kept free, ‘For The Love Of It’ forever.

Please come along and/or contribute to help Save Our Spring.


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102 responses to “SOS! Save Our Spring ……… Urgent White Spring Appeal

  1. Please contact me, I would be happy to contribute a substantial amount if I could be guaranteed access or something similar. Cheers, Rob –

  2. H Keeler

    Suggestion : you maybe could set up a friends of White spring as a yearly subscription to safeguard long term funds

  3. Willowfae Jordan

    I live in shropshire but would like to help in some way as I visit often, so yes, a frieds of White spring yearly subscription would be a great idea and Im certain the response to that will be huge. xx

    • Thanks Willow – I know it is such a vital place for so many, that is why I need to do all I can to keep it open. Thanks it is so encouraging to find out that there are people from all over who love the place and wish it to continue xx

  4. I will give some money. I also recommend making the White Spring into a registered charity. There are many grants out there for such bodies.

  5. Crystalgecko

    Can I donate at the site itself when I visit? X

  6. Philena Bruce

    Where is The White Spring? Is it in Chalice Gardens? Or the one near the wall outside Chalice Gardens?

  7. Charlotte Rooney, bristol.

    Echo the monthly regular contribution idea, just like charities do. It is really difficult to be a proper charity, but some friends of mine ( and now me) have set up a not for profit company to manage a small piece of woodland, we all contribute an amount every month and it is enshrined in the ‘rules’ that no one gets profit. Happy to share knowledge on this if it would help, though of course you do need someone to do the admin. Happy also to support ceremony every now and again, could commit to 2-3 times a year but would need notice. I’m an Ovate in obod. Good luck!

  8. I love the place. Will make a donation.

  9. Chiara

    I’m from Italy and I assure you that many people here love Glastonbury and all its magical places, the White Spring is surely one of the most beloved. I’ve immediately spread the word, sharing this article and I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of support from Italian community as well, with ideas and whatever. All my best blessings to all of you and many thoughts of light!!

  10. Yes I would certainly become a friend of the White Spring if you got that going x

  11. Belinda Fry

    Love light and Angel blessings to you all. I would be interested in an annual subscription. Please send details when available to:

  12. Gillean Lazelle

    I’m a companion of the chalice well and would be happy to pay a yearly amount like we do to them to keep the white spring going.

  13. I am able to contribute a fair lump sum,but would also be interested in helping to setup some kind of self supporting activity to generate an income.

  14. Charlotte

    Although only small we have made a donation, please keep us updated as we too would be interested in a subscription.

  15. Chris Connolly

    Yes , I would be interested in becoming a friend if the White Spring.

  16. I agree with Gillian, I am a companion of Chalice Well and a similar arrangement for the White Spring would be lovely. I haven’t got much spare cash to hand right now as I am helping the badger cause as much as possible in all directions, but would really like to help the White Spring. I have actually never visited it and would really like to do so! Blessed Be )O(

    • Thanks Julie, do come and visit next time you are in Glasto xx and thanks for supporting the badger cause too – dear to my heart, and angers me what is being done to these beautiful wild and free creatures x

  17. Tracey Gittins

    its been a while since my last visit there but I truly hope you achieve your goals.
    Its a small donation made via PP. Blessings Ravenfeather x

  18. I’m a Companion of the Well…Chalice Well.
    I would, happily, also become a Companion of the White Spring.
    Love & Blessings

  19. Leora Honeyman

    Hi – I’ll contribute significantly to the immediate sum and will pay an annual donation. Also happy to help with keeping open by being present. I don’t live locally right now so it would be something I would be happy to do for a weekend quarterly. email me and we can discuss further.

  20. Mrs Jaquelyn Ashbery

    May I contribute monthly like we do to the Goddess Temple please? Does gift-aid help you get the tax back?
    Gentle Blessings
    Jaquelyn (Stitch Witch)

  21. Much like the Museum in Boscastle, and other venerable places such as Chalice Well Gardens, I would be both elated and proud to be a “Friend” of the White Spring through a yearly contribution if such becomes available. I visited earlier this year from the US, and hold the experience very dear to my heart.

  22. Hello.. I am happy to contribute financially .. and I know many people who I have brought to the White Spring for ceremony would also contribute…. how do you want me to send money?

    • Fantastic Chris, check, direct debit or sirect payment into the account is possible and preferable x I will be getting a new direct debit form sorted and annual membership for a friends of the white spring group x

  23. Not to seem commercially crass, but perhaps a minimal entry fee could be collected to help offset costs? Even 10 pence should help raise sufficient funds…

    • A major part of our remit is holding a free sacred space where no one is charged – we also like to keep the money out of the temple, though people often leave contributions in a bowl by the step x Day to day running, cost of candles, flowers etc. is pretty much covered by contributions and bookings – i think with the level of support coming in, we can easily raise the funds needed for annual core costs and moving forward x That means we can keep it free, which is perfect x

  24. Caz Walker

    My other half is a stone mason and damp proofer by trade,he does work away building skate parks but he would happily help with any maintainance .If thats any help to you,
    Bright Blessings

  25. Nancy Rollason

    I agree with what others have said, an annual subscription would be the best way for those of use who don’t live nearby to support this sacred place – can I suggest that you also, like the Chalice well, offer companion days if resources will stretch to this – I think it would be a wonderful way to stay in touch. I would like to be able to offer more practical support but living some distance, it doesn’t seem to be possible. Good luck and thanks for holding the space for all of us.

    • Thank you Nancy x I think the annual contribution is the way forward, and yes companion days are a great idea … I will put that forward to the fast growing white spring team xx

  26. Would love to become a friend or companion and pay a small fee monthly if possible. I am a student at present but would gladly be a part of this. The spring has so much meaning to myself and my husband. My email is Although we live in South Wales we would love to help with events I have organised small to medium events in the past if that’s any help.


    Mandy xx

  27. Billie-Laura Remingtin

    Id like a DD mandate so I can contibute an amount each month, I will give what I can but to spread it over the year would be easier for me please xx

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  29. Susan Cate

    I echo the above from Columbia, SC. It’s one of the most wonderful, indelibly soul-filling spots I’ve ever experienced. Please let us help. It would be an honor.

  30. Ray Powell

    I get most of my drinking water from the White Spring, as well as having the occasional dip (brrrr). I have a lot of experience with organizing retreats and events, also with admin, so I’d be happy to help out with these. And I live locally too! x

  31. Saskia

    I would really wish for it to be saved! So I sent a donation.
    I haven’t been there in years and would love to be able to go again!! So much love!!

    • Fabulous, thank you so much – the response we have had gives me so much confidence that this place will continue, strongly supported by a loving group of companions and friends xx

  32. Kate

    I’ll go and make a donation right now. I’ll happily sign up for a standing order. And if I can do anything else, I will. The White Spring, like the Red Spring, is a vital part of the magick and alchemy of Glastonbury/Avalon.

  33. I pray that you get the funds and bodies you need to keep the spring a sacred, open space for everyone.

  34. TFH

    HI, do you need any help with publicity? I have a PR company. I like this place a lot and would be willing to contribute some PR time. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    • that would be great tom – i will feed back here after the public meeting to keep people updated on what is happening locally and then there will be wish list and a more complete idea of what we need to take this place on to the next stage xx much love

  35. Rose Senior

    Would be happy to do a subscription or monthly direct debit to keep the well accessible for all. Just keep me posted.

  36. Anneloes ReinDeer

    We love to visit this lovely place and are Always waiting mannt hours to get into it… I’d be happy to pay , if it means better opening hours… anual Friends is a great idea… We are from Holland and love to come again ❤

  37. I have wonderful memories from the Hekate Conference in 2012, of the White Spring and it’s hold a very special place in my heart.

    i would happy to be Friend or a Companian and would be happy to donate.

  38. Gosse Beerda

    Just came back from Glastonbury and now back in Amsterdam. Loved both the wells and would surely love to help support your cause with a regular donation. Please inform me by e-mail how to donate and all the best and good luck with preserving this magical powerful well!

  39. Eliza K

    Companionship, like the Chalice Well, would be a good idea and also, i feel, charging admission. And donations, of course. Am sure tourists would pay to come in, and even though access to source water should always be free, we can get it free in Wellhouse Lane. After the first flush of support it’s difficult to get repeat donations, so perhaps a similar model to C. Well might be followed?

    • Hi there Eliza – it does seem like a simple solution – we ae really keen to keep this sacred space free of charge x That is one strong part of what we want to achieve here – it is possible i think to provide a temple in true tradition and to keep it free for the love of it x i think a companionship scheme is an idea, but we do not want to charge for entry x Brightest blessings

  40. Why dont you use a website like kickstarter? You will raise more money that way. Pll there will want to help.

  41. Hilary Gibson

    Friend of the white spring in waiting, right here. Much love and bright blessings. xxx

  42. Dear Lisa

    I have read of the danger of closure for the White Spring.

    I am organising and delivering the DRUID 2013 conference this Saturday (14th September) in Wolverhampton.

    If anyone can post in the mail anything like flyers or letters to me this week I will give them out to the attendees at the DRUID 2013 conference. There will be up to 150 people there.

    Additionally, if you want it and can get to us, there will be a spare 1m x 1m table going free if anyone wants to ‘man’ it. I just need to know you are coming and who (name) that will be. (IF you do come to take a table the flyers can come with you of course).

    Love and blessings

    Geoff Boswell
    Druids of Albion &
    The Druid Forum
    for DRUID 2013

  43. Just to add, if you are ever stuck for a ritualist from Druidry then let me know. Or anything else I might be able to do from the West Midlands.


    Geoff Boswell

    • Fab Geoff, that’s great – I am also the current Bard of Glastonbury and myself, some elder bards and druids are looking to travel to other groups and have people come here and work with us, networking in the druid community more – so this is a very positive connection; thank you xx

  44. Phil Trevyllian


    I would be happy to offer my services.
    I am a carpenter/groundworker/general builder.
    My partner and I will be along for the Saturday meeting too and will also contribute monthly to its upkeep.

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  46. I can make an energetically SEAL om this place to let hundreds people visit this place without energetcallyi influence the well and the place.

    It is like a visual hidden shield.

    I built this at several places of power here in the middle of Germany.

    Invite me and I will save in this way your well.

    Dolben v. Elsner

    • Thank you, we are very good at keeping the energetics at the location and do our own work to keep the place, best people to set up any energetic protection are those who are doing the work and taking care of the space … we know what we are working with and what the place needs from day to day … really so unsure what you are offering … would like to know more before agreeing xx sure you understand x blessings

  47. Atudorquene

    I do not know what the sitz is in the UK, but can you get religious charity status as a nonprofit and get some grants, as well? It does mean accounting and reporting but you may get a lot more support. I see you are an org. Do you already have charity status? Best of Luck. You might also look into a special crowdfunding drive.

  48. Rose

    I’d be really interested in becoming a volunteer to help keep the space open, as I live in Glastonbury and have a lot of free time.
    Do you think it’s best that I come along to the meeting in the assembly rooms?
    Thank you. 🙂

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  50. Hi there, I’m Laura, italian trained Priestess of Avalon. The White Spring is one of my fav places so far, I have such great memories, too… Unluckily I live in Italy and it’s too far to help with my person, but I’ll be very happy to be “friend of the White Spring”, if you consider to create the group!
    thank you for what you are doing…

  51. Eline

    I just donated a little bit, this place has brought me so much joy and inspiration ❤ Good luck! xx

  52. Lisa, I read out an appeal with words taken from this blog to the audience at DRUID 2013 on Saturday. Now the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids wish to run a piece about the appeal in their Touchstone magazine. I can send them the text that I read, or you can contact them (Penny Billington) directly via Let me know how you want to proceed. Geoff ( x

    • Wow, that’s great!! beautiful that people want to help so much … I will get in touch x Thankyou so much Geoff … you have been so helpful and encouraging, I cant express my gratitude enough xx

  53. I was there on a tuesday this summer (I hurried to get there in time), because it said on the website it would be open then, and closed on wednesday and friday. Unfortunately the door was closed. I would rather pay an entree fee and be sure that I can visit the spring, than have it as it is now: unreliable.

    • Thanks for pointing that out … and you are right, it is not completely 100% reliable, and that is clearly stated on the website … people travelling a distance are encouraged to get in touch in advance to make sure it is open … even so, volunteers sometimes have to miss it due to illness this is why we need more local support … In some ways it seems like a simple solution to pay someone to make sure it is open .. I do almost a full time job to manage the White Spring (sure I would love to get paid … i am not privileged enough to not need to make a living) …It would completely change the atmosphere and feel of the spring if people were charged entry … so for the love of it I give my time freely …. I’m sorry you missed it, however, there is a way of making sure it is available to you… you can book for free if you email us with a request xx we are in the process of getting more helpers and the idea of this appeal is to make sure that it is more reliable xx Bright blessings

      • Thanks for your reply. I did sent an email beforehand but never got a reply. I won’t be going to the UK anytime soon (from NL), so I do hope you will be there the next time I do. I will try again then.

  54. Romy De gooijer

    I m from Holland I was at the White sping last week with my mother and 2 friends I went all the way in to the water it was a spiritualexperience for me I can’t explain the day afther my mother and my 2 friends want to go back they want to go in also and so we did!! we loved the place so much that we call urself the sisters off the white spring we gave a smal amount off money to the lady off the white spring just for some candels and small things but its never enough we will do ur best to help bec it will break my heart if the white spring have to close the door!! So u will defenetly hear something from us
    The sisters from the White spring…

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