White Spring Sanctuary Shocking Damage

On Friday 14th February the doors to The White Spring were damaged beyond repair.

During a full moon, under the cover of a storm with tearing winds and heavy rain, both sets of doors were smashed to pieces. We were alerted on Saturday morning that there had been a problem there during the night and several members of the keeper team met there to see what had happened.

Nothing could have prepared us for the carnage.

Both sets of doors were totally obliterated and the debris lay around. 

The beautiful stone dragon that sat on the steps was smashed by one of the doors being thrown into the well house, yet none of the shrines were touched and nothing was taken. All of the altars remained untouched and the Brigit flame was still aflame in the new bower. The inside of the sanctuary felt serene despite the destruction of the entrance ways. 

The building has been boarded up for safety and will remain closed until we can get replacements. It does look sad from outside but it is not all bad news. 

Whilst we were discussing our options a man who was collecting water overheard us talking about gates. He introduced himself; Phil, a local blacksmith from Millstream Forge. He has created some beautiful work in Town and built the Glastonbury Experience gates on the High Street. This fortuitous meeting with the blacksmith has inspired us to move past the challenge and create a solution as soon as we possibly can. 

Though nothing can take away the traumatic impact caused by the person who did this dreadful damage, the story is unfolding and now the gates, which was a job on our list, will be done much sooner than we think. 

This wonderful community resource that is loved by people from all over the world will rise again more beautiful than before.

Check the website to find out more about our work and to support The White Spring.



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10 responses to “White Spring Sanctuary Shocking Damage

  1. ishtarsgate

    Thank you, Lisa, for this post. Very sorry to hear about this. It only confirms what I’ve been building up to write about in the last few days. These HAARP storms are deliberately targetting the Heart of Avalon. That they smashed the doors of the White Spring could not be more symbolic. We will stand together. Sending love and blessings, Ishtar x

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  3. sounds to me like maybe someOne thinks there should be unrestricted access (i.e. no barriers ) to this Sacred Space ???
    not saying this action is correct, but it just seems obvious what they are trying to say

    • Yes I wondered that too Adrian, and it does seem obvious x Whatever the motive, acting out personal issues and beliefs in such a violent way, and to cause such harm and loss is not acceptable – and suggests a very damaged individual x

  4. Nicky

    That’s interesting… Violence unacceptable in our religion? I think maybe the Horned One might have a few chuckles at that. There are two portals in that place, and a stormy full moon right after Imbolc could be just the time someone desperately wanted access to that place.
    I will donate to the cause of the restoration and I lament the destruction, but thought should be given to when and why this placed is closed. The description of this rampage makes me think of desperation. And desperation should be met with love, not condemnation.

    • Hi Nicky, thanks for your comment – and your pledge to donate.

      I am not willing to find the action of violence or damage done to The White Spring acceptable x

      I dont think it was an act of desperation or to gain access to portals! It was wilful damage to both sets of doors carried out in a violent and angry manner and an attack on a free sanctuary that is run by volunteers.

      As far as access is concerned, I often give up my time to arrange bookings outside of normal opening times.We have a small team of helpers who give their free time to open and much thought is given to our opening times.

      Bright blessings

  5. phil trevyllian

    Hello Lisa Goodwin This is very sad news about the destruction at the white spring, the place is very special to me and i thank you for all your beautiful upkeep of this sacred place.I would like to offer what help i can. I am a carpenter/groundworker/builder that would be happy to offer my labour free of charge. If this is of any use to you please don’t hesitate in asking me.You can contact me through this email address or by my telephone number 07757 368868 All the best. Phil Trevyllian

    Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 20:42:11 +0000 To: philtrevyllian@live.co.uk

  6. Hello Phil, Well met – thank you for your kind offer. Perhaps we can arrange to meet and have a chat about our ideas and what we need for the next step x Are you based locally?

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