The White Spring re-opens 5th April

When the White Spring was vandalised on 14th February, I was angry, hurt, and much like the building; felt exposed and vulnerable. As the custodian of this sacred space I felt the need to create a positive outcome. Not just for myself, but also for the vast spiritual community of all backgrounds and traditions who appreciate the sanctity of The White Spring. As a transformational coach I felt compelled to transmute this destruction into something exquisite. I must confess that a part of me wanted to just walk away, and I knew that was an option, but my passion for this place won’t let me.

In the face of crisis our capacity for transformation and spiritual growth is realised. This is one of those times. This is a powerful teaching that has grown out of my fire-walking training and is a core truth that I have experienced and witnessed on many occasions. One that I am frequently called to maintain my faith in.

Rather than feeling crushed by an apparent crisis, I find hope and faith; the will to press on to find the blessings and learn the lessons. This tragic incident has given me a powerful motivation to help manifest the best possible outcome.

I still occasionally feel waves of upset, however the destructive part of the story has moved on and the magical story that has unfolded as a consequence has helped me keep my faith that all will be well at The White Spring. This whole event has strengthened myself, the Sanctuary and our global community with such powerful grace.

On the Saturday after the incident, when we were cleaning up and discussing the option of having gates made, a local blacksmith happened to pass by to collect some water. He overheard us talking and offered his services. He knows the White Spring well and has a good understanding of what we need. He even offered to do it at a reduced rate for the love of the place.

I was immediately uplifted by this remarkable coincidence; it felt to me like Brighde, long-held to be a patron of blacksmiths, had called in her kin. The Brighde flame was still burning inside and when I had sat in the shrine I felt the familiar sanctity there that I always do.
Within a week it was decided that we would have new gates built and the local blacksmith, Phil Raynor of Millstream forge, came to measure up and talk about a design.

Whilst were talking a neighbour came and left us an offering for the White Spring; some little gram weight tabs of silver. It felt right and proper to offer the blacksmith some, so we crossed his palm with silver and thus we sealed the deal.

Phil went away with a few very sketchy ideas that I had offered and drew up the designs. He added some features and incorporated our ideas into an elegant and strong design that is perfect for the White Spring.

He dropped the designs in to me with a quote offering for us to pay in three instalments. The gates were approved with just a couple of small tweaks and we transferred the first instalment. We found that the total amount that Phil needed to get started had been raised from online contributions already and I was delighted to hear that it would take just over a month for them to be completed.

The next day I was contacted by the organiser of The Occult conference who wanted to help raise funds for the White Spring. Local businesses and those who attended the conference gifted wonderful prizes and on the Spring Equinox weekend at the Jupiterian Ball Sef Salem organised a raffle and auction. They raised £1040 for the White Spring!

That, along with the funds we have raised online meets the whole cost of the new gates. So the contributions for the renovation of the courtyard and other essential building work is untouched and we can still press on with some of those plans. The White Spring is independent of state funding and we rely wholly on the support of our spiritual community to meet ongoing running costs, so it is wonderful that we continue to have such generous support.

The gates have now been galvanised and we expect them to be done by the end of the month. We are preparing to re-open on Saturday 5th April at 11am. The White Spring will be even more beautiful than before. The new gates will allow people see inside and hear the water when we are not open to the public and we will soon have screens so that people can enjoy privacy during bookings.

At my very first firewalk in 1999 I was given this powerful mantra – ‘Everything I do always turns out more exquisitely than I plan.’ And it does!

So to all those beings, seen and unseen, who have guided me, offered support and who have helped this to turn out more exquisitely than I could have imagined, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. There are far too many to list here. Those dedicated souls who have contributed know who they are, and whether it is £2 or £2000 or a kind word of encouragement to help me keep going, please know you have made a difference and added to the beauty and love that is expressed here from beneath Glastonbury Tor, in the Heart of Avalon.

On Saturday 5th April at 11am we invite you to join us at a community gathering to celebrate the re-opening of the White Spring. You are most welcome to come along with any offerings or inspiration to share; we gather together for the Love of It. If you cannot be there in person, please take the time to say a prayer or take a moment of your day in honour of the water.

Bright Blessings


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20 responses to “The White Spring re-opens 5th April

  1. The White Spring is such a beautiful sanctuary. I recall when I visited the sense of perfect peace and entering into Sacred Space. I so look forward to returning and wish you every joy and happiness when the new gates swing open on the 5th April. Blessings xxx

    • Thanks eilinash; I will be so happy when those gates swing open x they are delightful, i am just waiting for an image I can post online then everyone will see – I am so excited xx

      • I shall look forward to seeing them! Xx

      • There will be so many people delighted to see them. I followed what happened on FB and was so pleased to see the hand of Grace turn a bad thing into a beautiful gift. Hopefully we will get to Glastonbury in the Summer and come see:) xxx

  2. ishtarsgate

    Thank you so much Lisa for such an inspiring account! I’d forgotten how out of bad always comes good. Thank you for reminding me and for having the courage of your convictions to forge ahead (no pun intended) so that the Universe could provide for the needs of this natural temple so perfectly. After reading this, I feel ready to meet my own challenges again more readily now.

    • Wow thank you Ishtar x I wish you all the best as you face those challenges – you also have the courage of your convictions so i am sure all will come to good xx Blessings

  3. Such wonderful news Lisa! Love the Smith and Brigdhe magic. Will be sending love on the opening day and will be visiting the weekend after so hope to catch the White Spring Open.
    I know I speak for many when I say the White Spring is one of our most sacred spaces and pure magic happens there.
    Bless you for your work and your guardianship of the space. thank you.

    • Thanks Andy, it is good to know it is appreciated by so many people xx Lovely to have had it all turn around so quickly isn’t it? I am constantly amazed by the magic that happens here xxx

  4. June Lawrance

    I came to the White Spring many many years ago… it was in a very sorry state. Then two years ago my daughter treated me to a trip to Glastonbury… unfortunately the White Spring was closed. One day I will get to see it in all it’s glory. love and light, laughter too, June

  5. Leonore

    Wonderful … just wonderful . So many lovely connections along the way. Sadly I am not able to be there in person on the 5th, but I shall most certainly “tune in” … here’s to an even more beautiful place .. and blessings to all who look after it .

  6. Wonderful news update about the White Spring. Can’t wait to see the new gates!! Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed in ways big or small or who offered moral support and loving, encouraging messages to the White Spring Keepers who bore the brunt of the shock and the subsequent challenge of restoration. We are so lucky to have them in Avalon serving the sacred springs and all of us here. Love to Lisa and Max and all the volunteers and supporters xxx

  7. Wonderful news, I have missed the sanctuary and l healing space of the White Spring on my visits and often tell people about the magical ambience that holds you when you enter. It is a truly unique and uplifting place.

  8. ibgreenie3

    Greetings & Congratulations,
    To you & all who gave of themselves by work, fund raising, prayers & donations, to repair & reopen the White Spring:
    “May Brigid show you Her beautiful face,
    And shower you with Her golden grace,
    To clean, repair & rebuild Her healing shrine,
    Is something more than spectacular, it is divine!”

    Blessings of the Goddess’ healing spring,
    Reverend Donna M. Swindells
    fellowship of Isis

  9. Reblogged this on Wizard News and commented:

    From 2014 when we got new gates at The White Spring.

  10. Yogi Sally Ann Slight

    I must come back and sing there again soon…..
    Peace be with you
    Yogi Sally Ann Slight

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