White Spring – The Gateway

White Spring - The Gateway

The Gates are complete and will be fitted this week in readyness for our re-opening on Saturday 5th April.

This beautiful design was drawn by the blacksmith, Phil Raynor, who also crafted the gates. They were taken from my original vision and sketches. What an amazing skill, to take someone’s impression of what they would like and manifest it into a thing of beauty.

The gates are unusual in that they open along the curve of the three vesica piscis. The symbols in each one represent the archetypes or expressions of divinity that we celebrate and honour at the White Spring and to reflect the living mythology of this land.

The triple vesica piscis design is laid on a background of lines suggesting a large chalice or grail and in filled with smaller spirals, primarily added for safety.

The top section depicts Brighde’s cross, in honour of the Celtic Goddess and Christian Saint, long felt to be one of the guardians of the White Spring.

The image at the base is the triple flame, to symbolise the fires of inspiration, transformation, and the flame of the hearth. This section is also representative of three drops of inspiration from the cauldron of the Dark Lady in the ‘Tale of Taliesin’, the three rays of Awen.

The central spiral is inspired from a simple image that we have been using for quite some time, a spiral within Glastonbury Tor to represent the other-worldly home of the King of the Realm of Fae, often experienced locally as Gwyn Ap Nudd.

We have included the Tor and the tower within the central symbol in honour of Archangel Micheal.

These are all representative of the sacred and magical sources that we feel to be potent at The White Spring. I hope you will agree that these are exquisite gates that reflect the beauty of the inner sanctuary.

We would love to see you on Saturday, and if you cannot make it, please take a moment of your day to offer a prayer or loving thoughts to the water. Water holds memory and from here in the heart of Avalon our collective love of the sacred water places spreads out into the land.

Brightest Blessings.

Lisa Goodwin


March 29, 2014 · 11:02 am

21 responses to “White Spring – The Gateway

  1. Cor

    very beautifull en full of meaning this new gate!

  2. Adam

    Looks like an anti-clockwise swastika to me. Very sneaky.

    • It is a Brigit cross and is similar to a swastika in that it is a representation of solar divinity – I don’t see it as swastika, and I don’t mind if you do, since it is a very potent solar symbol of auspiciousness in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. It is celebrated by hindus during Diwali festival of light and marked on the threshold of homes and businesses for good fortune x This much misunderstood symbol was turned around by Hitler and used to represent his nazi movement x If you want a conspiracy look elsewhere …. The swastika is a powerful ancient symbol celebrated by peoples all across the world and has been embedded in our conciousness as something evil – I wonder why that power was taken from the people and twisted to mean something else? Though it is a moot point really since this is not a swastika x 😉

      • Adam

        The clockwise swastika is a symbol of divinity. The reverse swastika is a corruption of that, used by Hitler as you mention. A real Brigit cross is traditionally clockwise. Also, isn’t having the Awen symbol at the bottom a bit like having a reverse pentagram? Shouldn’t Awen come before all? Whether you believe the local ‘conspiracy theories’ or not, the symbolism here seems a little odd.

      • I am happy with the symbolism and positioning – nothing odd about Phil’s design at all.

        Just as a point – the swastika arms in all the symbols go to the right it is just turned to make an x in the middle by the nazis – It makes no difference to this article however as there is not a swastika symbol intended in the design -that is just what you are choosing to project onto it.

        The Brighde cross has no arms and seems to be clockwise in this design, but of course will look different from the back.

        The Awen and triple flame at the bottom being like a reverse or banishing pentagram is just nonsense. It makes sense to have the cauldron, or fire bowl (whatever you choose to see) closer to the ground rather than floating in the air. As the Bard of Glastonbury and a keeper of the wellhouse for 7 years in service to Brighde I can reassure you that the symbols are perfect right where they are and represent exactly what is explained in this article.

        Thank you for bringing it up though – it’s good to question motives and the thought that goes into these things. I am so open to dialogue and far prefer that to having silly rumours or local conspiracies being spread about me and the place xx Blessings

  3. ishtarsgate

    Stunning! My heart missed a beat when I saw the beauty of the Triple Vesica Piscis.


    Beautiful design indeed !

    Has been several years since I have been in the Glastonbury area. Many magical memories of visits since the early 1970’s onwards (was quite young first couple times) Although unable to be there in person next sat…live in Scotland now…I will definately be thinking of you all and sending wishes of love, peace and protection for your sacred place. A long overdue spot of travelling coming up later in year and look forward to the feeling of that part of the country! Been over 20 years and still remember how I felt…Blessed indeed.. Morag x

  5. This is incredible! I cannot wait to see it in person this summer. Blessings and thanks to you and all who are caretakers of this sacred space! /|\

  6. June Lawrance

    So pleased that all will be restored, renewed and replaced. May the White Spring continue for ever.

  7. Sandra

    Its beautiful Phil has excelled himself he is an true artist
    looking forward to seeing it in person in August when I next go there

    • Yes such a fantastic skill – It must have been challenging to interpret our impressionist and sketchy ideas and come up with this magnificent design – it really shows his talent – we asked for the vesica piscis and the spiral with the tor – the triple flame was also mentioned and Phil suggested the Brighde cross, so three vesicas seemed the best way x True magic, the White Spring has drawn in the absolute best craftsman for the job xx

  8. Lisa Leddicoat

    Very beautiful, so glad to see the White Spring being restored. Can’t be there on Saturday, but will be thinking of you from Yorkshire. Blessings /|\

  9. Jamie Waggoner

    This is amazingly beautiful. Just perfect in its symbolism and spirit. I hope that a talented silversmith could be found to make this gateway into a pendant for us to wear … to carry the White Spring with us always … and perhaps also to raise funds for her maintenance.

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