The Fool – NaPoWriMo 1

National Poetry Writing Month started yesterday – Napowrimo 30 days, 30 poems. The aim is to write a poem a day for the whole of April. It’s not too late to get involved. There are optional prompts available here each day, or you can write what you wish. You can get involved and share with other poets, or write it on old scraps of paper and keep it in a drawer …. the point is to get inspired with words and encourage that consistent flow of creative output. Last year I took part and ended up with 35 poems, then I entered the Bardic Trails in Glastonbury, and won!

#NaPoWriMo Day 1
The Fool

Oh, how we belittle the Fool,
That joyful merry prankster,
How we laugh at the burlesque buffoon,
And mock the sacred trickster.

When we refer to him as Harlequin,
And hide his deeper power,
Everything comes crashing in,
And threatens to devour.

Destroyer sits about his feet,
The vulture waits to swoop,
The crocodile just wants to eat,
That simple nincompoop.

The zero point of innocence,
The boy who stole the key,
The fool who left his mother’s breast,
With a sackful of dreams.

So why not take a walk with him,
On his way to blessedness,
Just follow the dog that’s stalking him,
Toward the precipice.

If he offers you the sacred flower,
He carries in his hand,
Accept the gift of power,
In peace, to honour the land.

Slip blissfully into the void,
Take the comic way of wyrd,
The cosmic clown is overjoyed,
As fool you are revered.

Lisa Goodwin – April 1st 2014


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