A Charm For Prosperity


Day 3 of Napowrimo – The prompt was to write a magical charm in the form of a poem, so I did a quick search online for a spell for abundance.I found this http://jamesduvalier.com/rue-money-magic/ and transformed it into a charm. Please remember these are raw poems and only written in a hour or so – and not edited. It is interesting just posting them without really working them, it makes you feel a little exposed, but that’s part of the magic of letting the awen flow. 

A Charm for Prosperity

My table’s prepared by the still water,
The spell is equipped and set on the altar.
Abundance is mine, I know what to do,
I have collected a handful of fresh yellow rue.

For wealth and abundance, I follow this rule,
Boil seven minutes and then leave to stew,
Pass a green candle over magical brew,
And leave in the moonlight, allow it to cool.

Get myself grounded, my mind aware,
I get ready to speak a powerful prayer,
Wealth and protection for my family,
From this magical liquid. So mote it be!

I do not rest there, the work is not done.
This spell is not all that I can rely on.
I bless my home with the wonderful mixture.
And wash the floors with the potent elixir.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want,
Well, when I say shepherd, I mean confidant.
No sheep am I, munching on the clover …
Goodness and mercy, my cup floweth over!

Lisa Goodwin – Chaired Bard of Ynys Witrin – April 3rd 2014


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