White Spring New Gates

White Spring New Gates

Passion compels us
Inspires us to create beauty
And beauty arises


April 4, 2014 · 10:31 pm

7 responses to “White Spring New Gates

  1. ishtarsgate


  2. Beautiful new gate. The bottom part of the design looks like Aradia’s flame (fire bowl), perfectly fitting for the White Spring Guardian :)……many blessings for your opening today, i look forward to my next visit to Glastonbury to come and see you. Blessed Be )0( xxx

    • Yes it is very fitting x the whole building is transformed, people can see in at night and it has a powerful enrgy right out into the street x Blessed Be, and thank you for your good wishes xx

  3. katlorien

    Lovely to meet you today and enjoy the official opening of these stunning gates. There was a lovely atmosphere at the well, with singing, bathing, with people smiling, laughing and bringing a positive energy to this special place.

  4. martin vickers

    Beautiful workmanship, stunning design.

    • Isn’t it amazing x the wonderful blacksmith managed to make physical my ideas even though i had only had an impression of what we wanted – he created it beautifully x

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