A Note to Destruction

Written after the destruction of the doors to the White Spring and before the gates.

Under a full moon and crashing storms,
mighty doors and lashings torn,
by wild torrents of emotion.
What a test of my devotion!

Am I to crumble in the debris
left by your madness or hubris?
Do you wish me to lay it to waste,
give in and board up the place,
that I love?

I am so much stronger than before,
you came and smashed down these doors.
Yes, I am strengthened by your weakness,
does that make me anything less?

I wish you no harm or,
retribution from karma.
I know it is so much harder,
for you to redress your own brokenness,
than it is for me to put right this mess.
See, to me it’s just another test.
And you call in your own justice.

So I will pick up the splinters,
of your wounded-ness.
Caress the pain that you have littered
here to express your distress.

I will continue to be unstoppable,
And I will show you –
Another world is possible.

Lisa Goodwin – 8th Chaired Bard of Ynys Witrin – February 2014


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3 responses to “A Note to Destruction

  1. ishtarsgate

    Perfect! Will share! xx

  2. It is angsty, yes, ermmmmmm, can I use your poem Lisa?

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