Change Glastonbury’s Crest


So I sat and watched the council, for what it is worth,
And though speak my message in a crafted verse,
With a little bit of tongue in cheek, a little bit of mirth,
I really see the need for a new crest to be birthed.

Inappropriate to pin it on Glastonbury’s breast,
We no longer can be sealed by the corporations crest,
I know that as a town, we can do better.
So I’ve written this rhyme in place of a letter.

Backed by colour red; crossed by two croziers in saltire,
Representing four parts separate, and set behind a mitre,
Do you remember the time the Abbot lost his head?
Well here it hangs upon the town, though Whiting is long dead.

A time of dissolution, honoured in our history,
But is it right to raise it up and wear it as a point of glory?
And when the seal was stolen by the town clerk Mr Prat,
We picked it up and put it back, like an old familiar hat.

For us to wear this shield, is far from chivalry,
To wear the monarch of the land, is a crime, civilly,
Without a grant of arms on behalf of the crown,
A coat of arms cannot be worn by Glastonbury town!

Oh, I know the crest you are wearing doesn’t mean to offend,
And it’s not exactly treason, so you’ll likely keep your head,
But ignoring legislation is no way to represent,
And to break the law knowingly is dodgy ground to tread.

Really, it is time to take your head out of the sand,
It hasn’t been agreed to wear the crown of Queen Anne,
You’re right, it really doesn’t matter if they prosecute or not,
But you cannot keep a symbol that’s illegally got.

Please can we have another shield that rightly represents,
The heart of Glastonbury, and with a healthier intent,
A symbol that wholly speaks of community and life,
And with that simple change; May Glastonbury Thrive.

Lisa Goodwin Bard of Ynys Witrin – April 2014

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One response to “Change Glastonbury’s Crest

  1. <~~applauds 🙂

    Inspired choice, to stick tongue in cheek. Bloody inspired.

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