#Napowrimo 14 – Ato’s Probing Questions.


Do you know what you are here for?
Did you fill out the form?
How do you feel about coming here?
How did you travel, do you live near?
Did you take a bus or did you drive?
In what type of house do you live?
Is there a bathroom, upstairs or down?
Do you sleep well and sound?
What time do you get up?
Can you drink from a cup?
Do you cook, does the food taste good?
Can you follow instructions on microwaveable food?
Can you use a normal washing machine?
How do you feel about changes to routine?
How many days a week do you get washed and dressed?
Do you have bladder control; do you wet the bed?
What happens if an unexpected visitor comes?
Have you ever hurt yourself, or tried to run?
Do you have a finger and a thumb?
Can you press a button, lift your arm?
Fit for Work – Ato’s assessed.
Congratulations, you passed the test;
Now get to work before you drop down dead.



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One response to “#Napowrimo 14 – Ato’s Probing Questions.

  1. Fortunately I appealed and won! But it is stressful business, especially when you’re ill!

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