Two poems – Lies – Napowrimo Day 16

Hello again

I’m learning so much about by taking part in this daily challenge. I feel exposed just posting them up right away, but I want to post these raw poems so that people see that writing can be fun. Hopefully some will feel inspired to pick up a pen and write. Poems can be silly or serious and they don’t need to be literary masterpieces to be of worth.  The right words can come in a flood of inspiration or you may need to work it, the point is to keep writing and learning the craft. It takes practice to be a master. Anyone can write a poem. It takes a master to write poetry. 

The Prompt for today’s poem is to write ten lines with each line being a lie. I had two takes on this prompt. Which do you prefer?

Political Prevarications

We are all in this together.
We have the same storms to weather.
Oh, don’t you worry about rising prices.
It’s natural, as the economy stabilises,
I’ll look after the old, frailest and poorest.
I will cut the deficit, protect the NHS.
I really do want to reassure the masses.
Read my lips. I have no plans for new taxes.
We will empower local people and communities.
Together we will build a land of opportunity.

The above statements are taken from quotes from David Cameron whilst talking about his Big Society. And from a very different angles, the paradox of lies. Again, ten lines, each one a lie…. or is it?



White Lies, Black Truth 

Oh, I’m fine.
I am raging inside.
Thank you, I love it.
I hate you, it’s hideous.
That makes sense.
Really I’m clueless.
It really doesn’t matter.
It matters more than you know.
He truly loves me.
He has no-where better to go.


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