And There Grace is – Napowrimo 26

Yes …. on form today …  have written two poems and caught up with the prompts, even though i had a busy day digging the hole for the Glastonbury maypole!! This poem may have been inspired by the few moments with my head in the hole, embracing the darkness. Enjoy!

Today’s prompt to write in the form of a curtal sonnet. Shorter than the normal, fourteen line sonnet. Instead it has a first stanza of six lines, followed by a second stanza of four, and then closes with a half-line. 

And There Grace Is

Glory can be found in the darkest places.
In the absence of light, the illusion destroyed.
All the sorrowful, sombre, obscure shaded traces.
Uncertainty spans; vast and dark as space is,
In those caves of pain and wounding, in the void,
Fugitive shadows, breath catches, heart races.

When contrary, frightful, injured and succumbed,
Walk boldly with the shadows that we try to avoid,
There love meets us, approves and appraises,
Light shines in the dark, and won’t be overcome!
                                                            And there grace is.

Lisa Goodwin 26 April 2014



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