Mind That Gender Gap – Napowrimo 25

Prompt Day 25; write a poem that uses anaphora. Anaphora is a literary term for the practice of repeating certain words or phrases at the beginning of multiple clauses or, in the case of a poem, multiple lines.

Men are from Mars,

Women are from Venus.

Women are home makers,

Men the bread winners.

Men are made of slugs and snails,

Women of sugar and spice.

Women have perfect nails,

Men can never cry

Men get fatter,
Women get thinner.
Men are the heroes,
Women the sinners.

But some men are from Venus
All feminine sweetness.
And some women are from Mars,
All masculine and hard.

The archetypal paradox,
Of this verses that,
Duality directing us,
To mind that gender gap.

The predetermined archetypes,
Conditioned we inherit,
Our idealistic stereotypes,
and we’ve got to get over it;

Women and men both connect,
To the root of our true birth.
As each in the other is perfect,
Remember, we all come from Earth

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