Beltane Lust for Flesh – Napowrimo 27

Inspired by the ‘seven deadly sins’ prompt on the Napowrimo facebook page, I wanted more than seven lines to write about this one, so took them – because I can x

Lust for Flesh

Beltane is coming – I feel it in my skin,
The stirring in my body, that fire in my belly.
To dance with passion is no frivolous thing.
Where the pulsing pull of wildness sings,
Primal life-force coursing through young and old.
It sings in every cell, invigorates the very soul.

And there are those that would regulate this,
Priests who would put this body to the test,
Decide what is sacred and what is immoral.
And there are those who would quarrel;
It would be better if it were thinner;
More attractive if it were smoother.

What skin is fine skin and what skin is not?
Should we reject this skin we have got,
Transform it into permissible skin.
The kind of skin you’d be proud to be in.
We are blindly informed that the flesh is weak,
Does that mean you should cover up that fine physique?

Like May flowers, we bloom but a short time,
As brief and as sweet as the grape on the vine.
A blossoming body of colour and fragrance,
A warm impulse, a treasure trove of sensations.
Lusty flesh, it wreaks havoc on the mind,
And they say only god should be glorified.

What a world it would be if flesh was not thought evil,
What a world where we could celebrate our embodiment,
And worship the body as something holy, worthy of respect.
And we would bring offerings and sensations of happiness,
Of colour, of sound and taste. Bring pleasure and passion,
To this fleeting yet meaningful temple of temporal flesh.



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2 responses to “Beltane Lust for Flesh – Napowrimo 27

  1. ibgreenie3

    Your poem should get many thinking.. So beautifully stated.
    May many see this perfect poem on how Women flower, bloom, and too soon, our prime is gone. But we endure, mature & grow stronger, in mind, heart & soul. We should never fear about getting old. everyone does.
    Reverend Donna M. Swindells
    Fellowship of Isis

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