Britain Christian? One Believes and One Does Not. Napowrimo Day 28

Day 28 – Thank you to all those who have stuck with me – only two days to go. Today’s prompt is to write a poem using the words in a news article. This one caught my eye.

Cameron ignites a religious debate of British life,
He fears the era of regular worship is over.
Urging Christians to be “evangelical” about their faith;
He wants a Christian country; A nation of believers.

Britain is a “post-Christian” country,
The old Archbishop has boldly declared,
Britain no longer “a nation of faithful”
Decline in the Church, likely in years ahead.

In the sense of being saturated by this vision of the world.
Our cultural memory could be quite Christian.
But with a shrinkage of awareness and commitment.
Clegg wants disestablishment of the Church of England.


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