bardic poseThis is the last day of National poetry writing month and soon it will be the end of my year as chaired bard of Glastonbury. Check http://ynyswitrin.org.uk/ for details of the next bardic competition. Some folk want me to contend again, I want to give another voice a chance x So here is a farewell poem.

Give me another voice!
I want another poets words to
Grace the page. Let us expose
A new bardic inspiration.
Another face to take the stage.
That’s enough of my noise.

Give me a new rhythm!
Tales tripping on another
tongue to twist myth and
rhyme. A new muse; Awen
shine through someone new.
Let me hear that wisdom

I still have many tales to tell,
I will always be a bard,
and after this initiation,
of a year and a day,
Hark when this elder bard says.
‘Give me a fond farewell.’

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One response to “Farewell

  1. miss miracles

    Thanks Lisa, hope you will continue to share your poetry with us. Beltane blessings.

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