Results Day


You Passed!

I hope you got what you needed
from whatever the State provided.
That replication of information
they decided to call education.
Whether you shone or you hid
amid the limitations,
however you didn’t do or did
despite the expectations.

Whatever the A,B,C’s
of he or she is better than me.
The sum of all those years
of coping with the fear
of emotional equations
and complications at school
whilst trying to follow the rules
while suffering fools;
gladly or badly.

Trying to sit still
while keeping your cool.

However they scored you;
that mark on the paper
to specify whether
you are stupid or clever….

You passed!
Oh Yes! You passed.
All the shoulder barges,
all the knocks and hardships,
the name calling,
and uniform rules,
the blisters you got from
new school shoes.
All the expectations,
and unfounded limitations.

You passed!

Through silent inner breakdowns,
and staged assembly breakthroughs,
all the lies and the truths and
not being heard ‘cos your only a youth

You passed! You made it!
Please know this.
You made it! You Aced it!
Even if you didn’t stick around to face it.

Those forced to choose
to find another way through
and learn in a way that suits you.
Yeah, you Aced it too.

Those mindful of the peace,
of avoiding the queues,
Those who uncrossed the eyes,
and spotted the tease.

You see, your genius isn’t in a GCSE;
You are fabulous and unique,
A Level of brilliance that no one can see,
from looking at your A,B, and C’s
defined in a score on a sheet.
So whatever the score, whatever the letter,
despite the contradiction,
you did so much better!
That is a worthy Distinction.

Lisa Goodwin – August 2014

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