Tribal Prayer at The White Spring – For Sun Bird 21/08/15

We stand at a gateway now.
One which all of us must step through when the time comes.

A wizard always arrives right on time.

Sun Bird, you have stepped through this gateway already.
Many of us feel that you left us too soon, but that’s our stuff;
You are bang on time my friend, and you walk side by side with
your ancestors who came before you.

GREAT MOTHER – Welcome him back into your grace!
GREAT FATHER – Welcome him back into your divine instruction!

Let him come into your embrace
and let him know he has left behind a tribe!
He has left a life of legacy.

Let him know that he shall be remembered!

Welcome him home!
Let him speak to the ancient ones and learn of the greater mysteries beyond the veil.
Give him the strength to take these final steps.
Give us the strength to let him go, to allow him to rest with peace and dignity.

Oh, those of us left behind grieve his death,
Yet we know he has come home to love.
We may cry …. We may scream ….
We may laugh …. We may holler!
For we shall celebrate the life of Sun Bird!

Chai Spirit

Chai Spirit

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