A Picture Paints a Family

Napowrimo – Poem a Day – 2

Today, the challenge is to write a poem that takes the form of a family portrait.

A Picture Paints a Family

Who could see it in that picture
Of us standing on the beach?
The goals that we would score
And the dreams we’d fail to reach?

Dressed all in our finest,
Shabby from head to toe.
Don’t judge us on that premise,
It was chic and just for show.

See the effort of the eldest,
In the tightness of her hand?
Restrained from making rabbit ears
While smiling on demand.

Could you ever understand
How hard it was for her brother?
Contained for a whole four seconds
While being shot, stifled and smothered.

And posing there behind him,
The shyest of all the kids,
Her coyness covers confidence
And a wildness well hid.

And, oh so cute the youngest
Is raising just one eyebrow,
For the future us to notice
The sparkle in the scowl.

Yes, dad and I look frazzled,
Innocent and young,
Before we knew the majesty
Of the beauty yet to come.

And how the years have changed us all
From a dusty family portrait,
To living dreams and heroes
Hiding in plain sight.

A picture paints a thousand dreams,
excited expectation,
but who can tell what dreams are real
and what are fabrication?



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6 responses to “A Picture Paints a Family

  1. Andrea

    Lisa, I love the realism of your poetry.
    Are you still a guardian of the White Spring?

    • Thank you Andrea – I am involved but in the background as an adviser – we have new custodians and the team are revitalising the courtyard – I am writing about the history of the place so a much needed book can be out there x

  2. Andrea

    Lisa, I’m sorry to ask but I’ve been phoning and emailing to get a private booking at the spring and no response. Can you help please?

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