#RegularSonnet No.1

This could be the start of something.

RegularSonnet is my way of acknowledging that I want to hone my skills and practice sonnet writing regularly yet not really committing to one a day, or one a week. Still there is this idea to produce 100 sonnets over the course of an undetermined amount of time, so here is the first on the way to 100 regular sonnets relating to everyday life and observations.

Shall I compare thee, laughter, light and love,
to expectations of the common man?
Is water, food and shelter not enough,
to make us feel we’re dealt a decent hand?

For all those seekers, reaching for the light,
who grasp the shadow of the early morn.
Who, waking hungry from eternal night,
then face the rising of a daily storm.

Yet, is it safe to sit amidst the shade?
To witness all the damage that’s been done.
To hold the darkness, then to feel embraced,
By gems of truth that never seek the sun.

Can love and light and laughter then remain,
when what we hide in shadows is betrayed?

Lisa Goodwin. 24.05.16


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