Girl, you are a woman now.

blood on your lies(A personal poem to remember power.)


Girl, you are a woman now.

How will you run

when the flood comes?

Life bears down

sore and tired.

Deep wounding

and you realise,

there is blood

on those lies.


there is no ‘away’.

When the wolf

comes prowling;

embracing wildness,

forgiving the lack

of teaching,

ask her.

Girl, woman, mother soon.

Raw mystery.

A hundred thousand beating hearts

encircle history.

They are the pulse before

and the whisper after.

So, women, how do we run?

Some run to find

there is nothing

to run ‘away’ from.

Some remember to

run with the wolves’.

None of us were taught how.

We just ran!

Lisa Goodwin 27/7/2016


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